The Jeans and the Camouflage

It’s been a while since I talked about camouflaged with a certain prominence here at Male Channel, actually since this post, but the pattern, which has great appeal to men because of your relationship with the military garb, yields many cool combinations either in winter or summer.

To stay within the spirit of the season from brazilian heat, which this year remains quite severe, let’s talk about another example with bermuda, and it is precisely this piece that stands out by camouflaged in shades of olive green, also worth commenting on the fact of the play appear in model Office, another male hit, but that requires a flat cut so that it cannot fall down on exaggeration and prejudice the silhouette , especially one with a few extra pounds.

As the camouflaged dominates from the waist down, you are free to invest in a denim shirt, making a good counterpoint to print of bermuda, in addition, the jeans have the chance for a cool combination.

A Suede footwear works wonderfully well with this look, models like theloafer, moccasin or boat shoes in shades of beige, camel and Beaver can give a charm to the production, especially if you want to give some time to your sneakers.

To choose a nice pair of glasses, as the example of the picture whose frame that presents various shades of the same hue lends a little more sophisticated to the final result. The sports watch with steel bracelet is perfect, do you get out of the combo where the odds don’t up some most chic touches.

In Short:

Camouflaged pleases men, primarily by your relationship with the military outfit;

Cargo Bermuda flat with cut set still works fine in this case;

Throw a jeans on top as a counterpoint to the camouflaged, but still with some texture;

Suede footwear has the charm that the combo;

Sophisticated accessories like glasses with multi frame shades and sports watch give a chic touch to the look.