The High Heels for Babies, Adorable or Us The Podiamos Save?

Faux fur Leopard or Zebra, satin, with bright ties… There is something for everyone, but on the runways we imagine those tissues on women. Because, although we are used to seeing all kinds of designs in clothing and children’s footwear, what draws our attention is that you want to apply these designs to high heel shoes for babies.

A website has launched a peculiar pair of shoes for babies who are raising some controversy. Therefore, even if they have some demand (if not, how would be on the market?) many people see them even unpleasant. Adult women in baby fashion. Useless, useless and unnecessary shoes. We could save them.

These models have been launched by a company of the United States, “Pee Wee Pumps”, dedicated exclusively to providing shoes for babies, soft, shiny, flexible… and high heels. The small models look them with hats and elegant ties, necklaces of pearls… accessories, like shoes, adult women. An unnecessary “adultizacion” that if prolonged in children’s lives can have physical, emotional, and social consequences.

Its creators have justified the new product since many mothers are fashionistas and would like their babies looked just like them. It is the first fashion in which they appeal will fall “little princesses”, becoming “dancing Queens” (as you can see, nothing unisex concept) and in their social networking pages we see many babies showing these peculiar models.

Aside that most designs seem horrific (for babies or not), remember to wear shoes babies doesn’t make much sense, are little useful, unless we want to protect them from the cold, for which could perfectly use socks. Barefoot children are more intelligent and, above all, more happy.

Obviously, the heel is flexible, but also shoe still does not make sense. As much, I would use it for a costume, for a very specific case, but in no way as usual footwear. The babies that appear on the web seem disguised for a chance, for a photo shoot. Surprised to see a girl with those shoes walking in your cart as if such a thing.

The price of these particular high heel baby shoes It is more than 18 euros to change now that they are discounted (without rebate, 31 euros). We have six different designs, including the model “Diva” of black considered the Basic for the bottom of Cabinet of the baby (and I thought was left with a pair of drawers!).

Not only is matter of aesthetics or mobility of health… It is that we can save good money to invest a few months later, when really the baby need your shoes to take the first steps (which, obviously, will have very little to do with these high heel shoes).

In short, if heel for girls seemed something unnecessary and dangerous, in the case of We could save baby-heeled shoes also, I can see them less sense. I do not understand this desire to dress up to the babies as if they were adult women, only missing them the sunglasses, brand handbag and wristwatch… Although certain existing.