The Disturbing Side of High Heels Is Hitting the Internet

A Canadian Waitress Was Forced To Wear Jumps For Eight Straight Hours And Her Feet Were In Blood. The Case Ended Up Being Reported By A Friend On Facebook And Is Giving That Talk.

Nicola Gavins used social networks to criticize the hundreds of companies that every day compel their employees to follow a dress code. On Facebook’s personal page, the young Canadian put a photo where you can see the state of the feet of a friend who works as a waitress and was forced to use jumps during an 8-hour shift.

“For all the people who eat at Joey’s (Canada) restaurant.According to its policy, all employees have to jump in case there are no medical restrictions. My friend’s feet were bleeding to the point that she had lost one of her nails and was even criticized by the boss for wearing some sabers (she was specifically told that high heels would be required on the next shift), “For writing Nicola on her personal page about her friend’s bloody feet.

“In addition, maids are required to spend 20 euros on a uniform while men can use black pieces they already have in their closet (and are not forced to jump). Sexist, archaic requirements and a disgusting politics, “she concludes.

Only in the last week the post has been shared more than 11 thousand times, generating a great wave of indignation on the part of the users of the social network.

Despite what happened in Canada, the truth is that this is a reality that affects other parts of the world. Also in the United Kingdom was shared a story on the same theme: that of a receptionist who refused to work in high heels and was fired for wearing shallow shoes.

Nicola Thorpe, an employee of Price Water Cooper, denounced the case to authorities and filed apetition seeking to make it illegal to use high heels in the workplace.

After the case was reported in the media, the petition eventually gathered the necessary signatures for the subject to be discussed in the British Parliament.