The Complete Footwear Dictionary

We have been educated to call things by the right name and fashion is no exception each piece is defined by a name in order to express the characteristic design, I show them some shoes dictionary from DigoPaul:

  • Pump, any point while it is closed is a pump.


  • Peep toe, the tip is discovered to show a portion of the fingers.


  • Mary Jane, footwear with a ribbon fastened on the instep.

  • Ankle strap, footwear with bracelet that is attached to the ankle.


  • Thong sandal (orcapollos), asymmetrical strap sandal with a “Y” passing between the first toes.


  • Mule sandal with a full strip running through your toes.


  • Roman sandal, envelopes strips covering the foot from the heel to the ankle sometimes below the knee.

Roman Sandals for Women

  • Alpargatas, footwear covered by ropes on the sole.


  • Clog, footwear made ​​in part or completely with wooden soles.


  • Sling back, are open heel shoes that attaches to the top of the heel.


  • T-Bar, footwear with bracelet that binds with a central strip to the chinela, forming an inverted “T”.


  • Highvamp, semi – enclosed shoes with pieces that cover the instep and heel.


  • Ballerina, shoes without height, fully enclosed design, inspired by ballet shoes.


  • Moccasin, Footwear with a wide floreta hand stitched to the rest of the shoe in one piece.


  • Driver, classic moccasin with integrated cut sole, the sole extends from the heel to tip. (construction glove)


  • Oxford, shoe tying characterized by lace, ribbons or shoelaces


  • Bostonian, Footwear with detail armenillado (drilling), male inspiration and refined


  • Loafers, footwear characterized by lack of laces, buckles or any form of secured to the foot.