That’s Why You Should Wear High Heels Sex

  • But you can leave your shoes on…! Let men fantasies come true and just let your sexiest high heels the next sex!

What is sexier than a woman in hot lingerie and even hotter killer heels with 15 cm heels? Right, nothing! If they want to so next time on his 15 centimeters, you simply do not remove your shoes in the bedroom – and thus give him the hottest night of his life!

Femme Fatale In Patent Leather Pumps

A clear advantage for you is: your whole body looks better in high heels! The Po work thelegs longer and slimmer, firmer, your pool is used perfectly in scene and your attitude exudes eroticism and sensuality. But also in the concerns send pumps into the limelight: who can resist a half-naked woman with sexy high heels in bed?

This Is Your Big Moment

A sexy appearance must be set correctly in scene. Therefore your grand entrance plan a little ahead. Wait for example in heels and underwear at the door when he comes home or insert a striptease as a prelude: the dress falls, the shoes but with come to bed! For the most erotic performance of course the shoes should correspond to be erotic according to PARADISDACHAT. Patent leather pumps are very classic and sexy, but also high laced wedges or delicate strappy sandals are perfect with your appearance to your tongue it. The motto is: the higher the heel, the greater the WOW effect.

The Best Positions

Of course you can wear the shoes in principle at every sex position , but there are a few that bring out your best side and your high-heeled bed companion well. Sex standing up can be even better with high heels, reducing any differences in height. Or why not the rider position backward to try? So he has a good look at your hot back and can hold in Ecstasy outbreaks on your long, thin heels. A man dream comes true!