That’s Why We Love Her: Ballerinas

In recent weeks, many of them were already sighted ways on Germany’s. In bright colors, simple or with a bow, with paragraph or whole flat. Pants, skirts or dresses-what is speech? By ballerinas of course!

Ballerinas-convenient on the go
Ballerinas are again absolutely the trend this year. And what would speak against it? The little booties are comfortable in contrast to pumps, high sandals and co.–, can be easily combined to all and are often not as expensive as other shoe types.
Especially in the holidays, they are a true luck-most women will know what the speech is: A sightseeing tour on heel shoes is at the latest after one hour no pleasure more. A blister on the foot, feet swell, and iterating on the sexy high heels is torturous. Ballerinas on the other hand: combined to a light summer dress, a casual Chino pants or a sexy shorts, you can spend hours run on them by an attraction to another and dancing in the evening even more-foot-friendly and attractive, is a super Combination. Appropriate models you can find for example on But the evergreens are not only in the spare time. Solid ballerinas, in smooth or Suede, can take too great in the Office. A trouser suit or a rock the light shoes are the somewhat casual alternative to pumps on warm days.

Ballerinas 2014-that comes to you
This summer, you will see only a few ballerinas with wedge heel. This form was last year still in the trend, so she was now replaced by top ballerinas. This extravagant variation is now the main attraction for fashion-conscious women.
But also the classic round shape is retained us. The color range this from subtle pastel tones and denim light earth tones and-most recently-to black and white patterns. Whether animal samples, loops, points or strip-must be black and white! In addition the current metallic-look again can be found also in the ballerinas of the vintage 2014: shiny surfaces in silver and gold make the shoes to the absolute eye-catcher.

Only one draws the short straw
The woman is happy there: this spring once again comfortable shoes are worn. Pointed or round, patterned in black and white, monochrome, multi colored, metallic look, dress, skirt or pants-mainly flat. Even if the one or the other man does not like to share our fondness for the shallow treads: love women, let not dissuade you and enjoy the new variants of the ALLROUNDER so beloved by us. Because we are not only sexy high heels according to insurancejust!