Summer Sandals Trend 2015

Summer is coming. Sandals are everywhere. They’re look different. And here you will meet a few different sandals. Follow sandal tracks and make your own if you like.

Sandal I: Slipper-trip to the beach

Flat with flowers over the foot, Laid on the edge of the lazy. They dragged because it can be difficult to lift them properly from the sidewalk while they are heading to the beach. They know that they have to get down and roast in the sun. Slide your feet in the sand. It’s so great. Slipper sandal is so convenient; it won’t be getting the longest trips. Stand and waiting for you to quickly take it on a little walk.

Sandal II: Hike

Quality sandals are always comfortable to wear and it should not make the feet more tired and pain. Therefore watch man walking the sandy valley high above. It is required to be many kilometers at a steady pace. They must be out in the big blue and see what lies at the end of the path.

Sandal III: Biology sandal

A brown sandal or a botched sandal is usually considered as a biology sandal, because there are stockings inside. Woolen socks. This sandal belongs to a biology teacher who loves his sandals and would like to have them, even though it’s a bit too cold to face the day in bare toes. He does not care that the sandal clumsy.

Summer Sandals Trend