Summer Legs: 14 Tips for Strong Calves and Ankles

Now he is there, the summer. You are probably happy to finally bring out your light summer dresses and airy skirts. Or not? If you belong to the women, who have strong calves and restraints, you may consider the summer fashion with mixed feelings. “My legs nice are enough to present them in a summer skirt?”, you might think. I know this well: from the age of 50, the tissue is certainly no longer so tightly and evenly as with 20. If then still pick the legs include your strong body zones , the courage may fall quickly to present themselves in all of the beautiful summer skirts and dresses.

While you should not do just that: your legs hide and forgo summer fashion fun! And that you don’t have to. Today I would like to give you 14 tips on hand, as you bring your bare legs in summer peak – despite, or just with strong calves and ankles. And then nothing like out in the Sun!

How many women over 35 have perfect legs?

Let me first of all ask: how many women over the age of 35, you know personally, have the perfect legs? Exactly. Most women think to too little tight, too much cellulite or spider veins to draw your legs too thin or too thick, too long or too short, to curvy or to kurvenlos, too pale, too unevenly toned… I think you know what I mean.

When even the shape of the ankles, feet, or toes, the situation is still fatal and the self-criticism increases immeasurably. And yet a woman in the skirt or dress looks always gorgeous feminine, summery and sexy – and no matter, imperfect, her legs are as perfect or supposedly! Because if you follow a few tips and follow a few a few care guidelines, you can always come to an attractive result.

Strong legs need care, care, care…

The first prerequisite for beautiful summer legs is: care. Just if you have stronger legs , this is all the more important. Kartenspielerinnen would put it as: leg care stands leg shape. Always. Take a one to two hours so make your legs fit for summer. This includes:

1. only enthaarte legs are summer legs!

Nice legs are smooth legs. The first thing you can do for more neat smoothness is a leg waxing. There are now so many gentle methods of leg waxing, that is certainly a suitable for you here. Whether wet shaving, epilating, with wax, depilatory cream or laser – you get rid of the hair on the legs!

2. scrub and cream make feet soft peach skin.

You can even significantly improve the uniformity of the skin and its condition. Make in the shower just a scrub and cream themselves after taking a shower with a moisturizing, skin-firming lotion a. You will be amazed how your legs feel afterwards – and how much better they look suddenly.

3. lightly tanned legs are attractive.

The fastest way to create attractive summer legs, strong calves and restraints is color. And if it does not exist at the beginning of the summer, then cheat just Tan it. Self tanning , tinted lotions for the legs or – if you want to – in addition still Besenreiner hide camouflage creams and silk sprays make attractive highlights – your legs in no time no matter what form they have. Inquire at your perfumery or pharmacy for appropriate products!

4. feet want to be spoiled!

The feet are at least as important as calves and shackles for summer clothes. Beautiful feet have no visible, thick layers of the cornea or brittle, yellowed toenails. There are also simple workaround: you treat your feet a little summer fitness program! The new electric callus Remover do a great job and are not expensive. Thick cream your feet with a special foot cream, then put them in socks an hour. Finally paint your toenails (previously be sure the nails with nail polish remover grease make!). If you want to have fun on your paint as long as possible: use Polish and excess paint and you can enjoy around two weeks of great manicured toenails.


If you have strong calves and shackles, subdued, pastel Nail Polishis, such as in a Rosé – or nude-tone for you better than to bright paint. Because you want although neat look, but do not deliberately look down. Unless you want to really know it and look as sexy as possible. Then, your toe nails are naturally bright…

Strong naked legs need shoes that make slim.

The most important for strong calves and restraints is the right setting, say: the proper shoe. Shoes and hem of the skirt together give your calves and shackles – for open shoes, and also the feet – the optical support they need. What is it exactly that there good for you? You need as far as possible continuous length, that compensates for the width of your calves and shackles. You need proportions that fit to the shape of your leg. And you need a discreet design that draws the eye not on himself, so he then can move on, where are your goodies – earlier. If you pay for your shoes on details, you’ve already won:

5. choose simple shoes without conspicuous ornamentation or decorative details!

Keep the hands of the many tempting bling bling details on shoes and select simple, plain pumps, sandals or peep-toes. Access to timeless shapes and avoid it to call attention to the legs by particularly fashionable flashy shoes. Elegant, discreet classic are right up your alley.

6. avoid strap calf and cuffs!

Straps, which horizontally divide your legs, shorten your legs. In addition, they emphasize the width of the respective positions of the leg. So, Stay away from the ankle or the currently trendy Gladiator Sandals! The best shoes for you completely release your ankle (unless your shoes are skin colors and almost blend with your feet… see below).

7. access to low-cut shoes!

All shoes that leave as much as possible of the instep of your foot, are good for you. Deep cut-out pumps, ballerinas and sandals or “Mules” (fersenlose Sandals to the dressing), whose cross-belt just before the toes apply, are suitable. Slingback pumps are your secret weapon, as d ‘ Orsay pumps with their deep, side cutouts. This creates a continuous line from the hem of your calves and shackles to the toes. It stretches and streamlined. The look up undisturbed on your legs the and can glide down, hangs not on strong calves or ankles…

8. even a small paragraph is better than none!

Also if you like easy like it: wear the highest heels, which are more feasible for you, to the skirt or dress. Even flat Sandals can have a small wedge heel. And there are already 4 or 5 cm heel pumps. Strong, bare legs, counts every centimeter length and brings you closer to your dream legs.

9. do on a broader sales and avoid thin straps!

The proportions of the shoe designs are enormously important to you. In particular, you should wear too thin, fragile paragraphs. These include Stilettos, but, for example, the popular, since low kitten heels. Because this dainty heels leave everything in, even stronger. Rather, broader or middle block heels or wedge heels for you are ideal. Even with straps you should make decency to thin specimens. Instead access to shoes with medium to wide straps.

10. wear shoes with pointed or mandelförmiger Cap!

To make work your legs as long as possible, peak or at least almond-shaped shoe covers are your best friend. Avoid absolutely square or round caps that compress your legs!

11. Select the colour of your shoes wisely!

If the shoe is considerably darker than your leg or the rest of the outfit, which shortens your legs optically. Her feet be cut off more or less color. If you access to shoe colors that are similar to your skin tone, that extend your legs. Whether you choose a nude -, beige, gold -, silver – or Rosé clay, depends on your taste and your color type.

Another possibility is the shoe color of the color of your rocks or dress to match. Then the eye blends the line between rock and shoe and glides on calves and bonds easily without freeze over. Point victory for you!

A word about skirt length and average…

With a beneficial skirt length and shape you can provide excellent optical balance your strong calves and restraints that appear slimmer. The right hemline depends of course dresses and skirts in the first place your vertical proportions . Moreover, another important factor in strong calves and restraints but:

12. a hem in a narrow place of your legs either directly above or below the knee, is always beneficial for you!

Avoid necessarily skirts or dresses, whose hem on your calves or on the bondage ends. That would also emphasize these points and their width. Also the shape of the rock should emphasize not the width and the length of your legs:

13. Select straight cut skirt shapes to emphasise the vertical line of your legs!

This stretches your legs overall and streamlined it visually. This is important especially for small women or women with short legs. Or use the optical illusion created by the proportional comparison, when strong legs wide hems:

14. Select continue swinging skirt hems if you want to make your bare calves and ankles, including relatively narrow look!

Always does the trick. Because under a further skirt hem (in the correct length!), each leg seems narrow. However, there is also a hook, because very wide skirts, upsetting the figure and are better to deal with than for smaller ones for tall women. But think towards the Bell Rock or easy swinging A-line skirt and you are exactly correct.

You see, there are plenty of tricks that you can apply to make your legs fit for summer. Even if you are blessed with strong calves and restraints or have other concerns, to show your bare legs: let spoil himself not from excessive self-criticism, the liberated summer feeling! If you maintain your legs and still a few fashion tricks optical access, you can look stunningly attractive. Because nothing is ultimately so feminine and sexy as clean, bare legs under a summery swinging skirt hem…

I wish you many pleasant moments with your newfound summer legs! And let me know how fared you so!