Summer Footwear Trends for Women

The 46th Edition of Francal is possible to stay on top of all of the trends of next season, know everything that’s going to happen in terms of handbags, accessories, belts and leather shoes. We’re going to show you now, some trends in footwear summer. To begin with, it is worth preparing for the use of transparencies, which comes with everything in the next season, as well as vibrant or pastel colors, and birkenstock, cross straps, tratorado sole, chains, buckles, textures, natural elements, prints and metallic finish, will take care of this new season. If you have the desire to create your own business to sell fashion items, recommend a step-by-step course of import of brand-name clothing and footwear.

Here are some trends in the summer footwear


As for the colors, we will see many vibrant tones, pastels and neutrals in summer footwear. Within the vibrant hues, highlighted the color Tangerine guava, coral, orchid, blue klein, pink bubble gum and yellow. In neutral tones, the off white, brown sugar and nude are highlighted. The candy colors also continue with everything, the more discrete pastels and modest style return, being responsible for the romantic touch of the season, the pink, and green, purple, blue and yellow are the protagonists.


With regard to hops, this new season will be structured, jumping several times and thin. You will also be able to find heels with different height options, for greater comfort. Other trends in summer shoes are the shoes with spike heels, straight format.


Fringes will continue high, in sandals, in looks more robbed, while the Gladiators come now bolder and sophisticated among the summer footwear.


The transparencies are still with everything, both in clothing and in the feet, and promise to give lightness and freshness to thesummer footwear, appearing in shoes, sandals and even sneakers, and can appear in small details or in the entire piece. But the must even in transparency are the heels that are manufactured in plastic or acrylic.


The sandals with inspiration in the original model come with all new versions of the summer shoes, with soles that can be light as cork, or sports references. For the leather, buckles and closure on the surface, by animal print or leaked and metallic.

Crossed strips

Prepare to cross strips with width, they are coming with everything between the summer footwear, and adorned with snake print and metallic embellishments.

Tratorado sole

There also appears to be fairly between the summer footwear, both in open models with in closed, he, the tratorado sole comes with a thin, bringing the sports universe for the women’s shoes in shades of white with matching coloured or neutral and Earth, enhancing the colours of the leather.


And the metallic invaded direct fashion, from clothing, accessories, and thus the summer shoes with metallic finishes come in gold and silver tones and mainly in sandals with thicker strips. The tratorado sole or the natural-looking bring two different proposals for the footwear.


They conquered the hearts of women, and it seems so early not to dismiss, are super comfortable, great for walking in very hot days. Now arrive full of glamour among the 2015 summer footwear, with precious stones, from the most basic to the more colorful and metallic details, or even in floral prints, and more, with Leopard print, great for give an up in production.

Sandals paw stocking

Half leg or sandals with heel block, that more square and heavy will also mark the trend in the summer footwear, arrive with large buckles or chains. It is a great choice for a night out on warm summer evenings.

Bi-Colored shoes

With inspiration from elements of the sport chic, get ready for bold combinations with bi-colored tones between the summer footwear, such as off white or soft green, combined with intense colors and discreet colors, such as red and beige.


The sneakers also promise to be the feeling among the summer shoes, super basic, replacing the tennis comes in canvas or denim, and in all colors and with a variety of prints.