Summer Boots 2014

What are the trendy boots for this summer? We discover all the must-have models to wear durations warm weather.

For the ‘Summer 2014 one of the footwear typical winter, the boots, is back positioning itself among the must-have trends most beloved by women.

Practical, comfortable and perfect to wear with any look, they are very versatile thanks to the different models from different styles. All the boots of the hot season, compared to the models for the autumn-winter, are made of light fabric so as not to suffer too much from the heat.

Let’s see what are the trends for not giving up his boots during the summer!

Biker Boots

One of the main summer 2014 models are the biker boots. Once labeled solely as a shoe model style rock, because it only offered with studded details, today thanks to the reinterpretations of the trends of the season, you are “appropriate” even the girls with other styles: from romantic in lace , the glamor with fringes and glittering applications.

Open toe

The open toe boots are perfect for those who, despite the heat, do not want to give up this kind of fashionable footwear. You can easily match it to an jeans in a light dress. To show off both during the day and in the summer evenings.


The perforated boots are the must-have model for summer 2014. Lightweight, stylish, and who do not give to femininity. Many brands do offer a lot of different models: with high or low heel, with soft, light colors up to darker shades.

Colored and printed

During the hot season it is impossible to give up the color; even so the boots are colored in bright colors and summer. From blue, green to burgundy; without forgetting the trendiest prints, such as floral and animal prints.