Summer Beach Shoes

Which shoe trend wear to the beach? Here are all the must-have proposals for the summer.

This summer in order to complete our outfits from the beach, along with the swimsuit, we “necessarily” need of footwear trend to show off on the sand. We have to admit: the choice for this beautiful season is really difficult. The must-have models that we propose for the ‘Summer 2014 range from flat sandal or a wedge, through the espadrilles to the classic flip-flops.

Sarenza sea shoes 2014

We begin with the proposals that we find on the sea One of the most trendy models of the season is the sandal Latinas, (29 euro) in glossy black and well in low heel.Other bass rubber sandals are the models Lemon Jelly (35 euro) in fuchsia color and modelMelissa (78 Euros) proposed in the white shade.
Even Sarenza not give up espadrilles to wear on the beach, as the Eleven Paris (49 euro) printed and model Kanna (37 Euros); and yet here is the wedge with the shoe UGG (145 euro), striped red and beige.

Tommy Hilfiger

N she’s Spring-Summer 2014 Tommy Hilfiger offers perfect footwear to wear even on the beach, such as flip-flops Monica, must for the summer with the wide collection in cotton belt in the middle with a leather inlay and small logo with the flag Tommy Hilfiger. The same model but with the wedge is the flip-flops Myriam, for a casual beach.
For those who have no intention of giving up the wedge, here are the models Estelle Espadrilles, striped and covered wedge in woven raffia, for one nautical style . Perfect to wear even the sea is the sandal Emery with woven cotton band and a thin strap with a buckle at the ankle.


Let the sea proposals for summer 2014 brand low cost H & M: for an alternative sandals to show off at the beach there is the model Chanel , low toe with decorative bow, faux leather and snakeskin with a rubber band around the heel. For the shoe more comfortable, the slip-on sandals with lacquered faux leather and rubber sole.


Perfect for a fashionable look on the beach there is the Athletic Shoe Esparto Skin of Mango, embellished with studs mini-pointed and double strap on the ankle, closed with metal buckle and Esparto outsole.


No shortage of comfy slippers and practices in leather Zara, embellished with jewels to illuminate the beach.

From sea

Perfect for both the sea for the swimming pool, or simply to wear at home, are the reading of flip flops Papillio with models Del Mar, proposed in the colors: red, purple, blue, white, green and black.