Style Keys for Shopping: My Feet Rebels I Ask for Ugly Shoes

Because you have previously shown you a couple of times, but increasingly firms are targeting the new fashion for this Spring-summer 2014: the ugly shoes. It seems that our feet will walk to the beat of Betty the ugly and, although at first may seem models infotibles, the truth is that they have his grace. And as it happens after repeatedly listening to a song that in the end you just dazzling, this I will be catching trend at times.

  • Red Cross of ASOs, 34,73 euros.
  • Colour silver and platform of Topshop, 64 euros.
  • Crusades and strass of ASOs, 55,56 euros.
  • in black model Madrid’s Birkenstock, 55,49 euros.

Zara, the King of this footwear

  • Two strips of skin and sole track white, 45,95 EUR.
  • With large buckles, 49.95 euro.
  • Cross with snakeskin, 49.95 euro.
  • With red strips on the ankles, 39.95 euro.