Straight Platform Sandals: Tips, How to Use

In the winter, it was the Creepers; Now, in the summer, the sandals come back straight. Such shoes are also called Flatforms and are characterized by the recess sole, that is, the measurements are the same, from the fingertips to the heel. Very comfortable, the sandals are among the trends for this season. This is not a novelty, but it is worth knowing that they will continue on high and bet on the graceful models created for this summer. Here are some  tips for using straight platform sandals .

Straight Platform Sandals Tips, How to Use

Tips for wearing sandal flatforms

This type of sandal, as it has the sole in platform, will inevitably make the feet appear a little bigger. In fact, the volume of the sole gives the footwear a look that attracts more attention. However, this is not an exaggeration, but whoever wants to  wear straight-platform sandals  and more delicate clothing can, for example, opt for models with more subtle colors.

The  flatform black, for example, although it has a discreet and neutral color, can appear more voluminous. It prefers, therefore, delicate tones and close to the color of the skin, like the nude.

Another tip is to check the finish of the sole. Some are more delicate, although they are straight and platform. This makes the feet more subtle.

Finally, the less detail there is in the footwear, the better it will be for those who want to wear something more discreet. Prefer the sandal has thin strips and few extra details.

How to Wear Straight Platform Sandals

Dresses and other more sophisticated pieces, usually intended for parties, weddings and the like, do not look good with  flatforms sandals . Although they are high and combine with many types of clothing, it is advisable to reserve them for less formal visuals.

During the day, it pays to bet on flatforms with shorts, skirts, light dresses, overalls, etc; That is, casual clothes, for simple outings, go very well with the sandals, especially for those who walk a lot, since the comfort provided by them is undeniable.

Even simpler looks for the job, as long as this is possible, look great with flatforms. Sets of skirts, trousers and blouses, regattas in less informal fabrics, a straight and simple yet elegant dress, in fact, one can make a play with elaborate pieces and a straight sandal, making the look lighter and relaxed. That, of course, without losing your discretion.

For the evening, it is also worth betting on the  flatforms with brilliance, in metallic material or with different details and, nothing prevents, more daring. It is modern and stylish.