Sportiness and Style Agree: the Sports Shoe

Football is, especially after the successful World Cup of one of the most played team sports. Hobby kicker and Club members can play as well and successfully, not only training and fun is required, but also the right equipment: in particular the correct boot. Because this is not only good and stylish look, but provide appropriate protection also the foot. We have looked around once here for you in the sports shops in Berlin…

Sportiness and Style Agree the Sports Shoe

Design and colour are hardly any limits. There’s adidas and Nike football boots, for example, in black and white, but also in eye-catching, neon-colored designs and colors. Especially the ladies variants of adidas and Nike lack either trend-consciousness or functionality.

To find but also the individually suitable model, it should find a well-stocked distributor who offers may also advice. Such a provider is for example SportScheck, which offer excellent advice on athletic shoes , which turns not only to the actual sales, but about whether the shoe for the athlete is really the right thing. On the website of the provider, there are a variety of models of many famous brands such as adidas or Nike.

Especially on the sole selection should be taken at the time of purchase, because depending on the terrain, the sport is exercised, other soles are necessary. You should already have some basic knowledge before going into the store, that’s why we have here listed the most important factors for you:

Firm-ground cam soles are probably the most popular soles. They are suitable especially for natural grass field, especially, when the lawn is dry, but when wet. Through a distribution of short and long cam on the sole of the shoe, the movement of pressure compensated and offered support. There are for example various adidas soccer shoes with a firm ground sole, including the models of adidas battle Pack according to This Designreihe was extra for the World Cup on the market and includes four shoe models, of which each one is associated with a player.

If the soil should be however soft and slippery, level of distress – and thus a soft-ground studs level, on the long studs with larger intervals are distributed is especially secure. As they penetrate into the soft soil and prevent slip.

Both above mentioned types of soles use on artificial turf, the more friction and generate even more wear and tear quite easily off. Who so often plays on artificial turf, should consider models with artificial ground sole, like for example the Nike Mercurial model.

An AG sole has many short profile elements and harder material – and is therefore suitable for the hard surface. On a normal soft surface, she can quickly lose the support for this.

Turf soccer shoes are suitable for even tougher floors such as hardwood and ash courts. Many short, wear-resistant nubs rubber give liability and speed, while distributed multi cam damp the pressure above the floor.

If the weather conditions for the training are inappropriate, meet many clubs in sports halls. In one such Hall, the soil is gebohnert and therefore particularly smooth-an indoor shoe that offers enough grip on the smooth surface, is here the best. They have no cam, but a profiled sole provides optimum grip on slippery surfaces.

Personally, each player must decide which shoe-or what shoes, if the terrain more often should change-are now in the best position. In case of doubt, also suitable for occasion athletes, the acquisition of two different pairs of shoes.