Sponsored Post: Interview with Ju Bicudo

One of the coolest things to be spending this season here in Brazil is to meet in person the people who, until then, I just spoke for Skype.For more help technology (and) we create relationships and keep them alive even at a distance, there’s no app yet that replace a good live chat accompanied by coffee and cheese bread, right?

And I am one of those who likes to hug people, you know? Then, when I checked my coming over here, I tried to send an email to Ju Bicudo. Two reasons:

  1. I love her job (I married a blue stocking Ju and we still made a theme week here on the blog then,as remembered?)
  2. we don’t know personally.

Well, I sent the email to Ju just because I wanted to meet you live and think of new things we could do together. I like working with brands with which I identify and who actually has a history with me and the Ju fits it perfectly.

We decided to start from the beginning. I wanted to just sit with it for us to know and she tell me about your work, your inspiration, your production process. So, that’s what we did. We met at the Vila Madalena, we take a coffee and we started talking.

Well. This one above is the Ju. She got a little shy and a little bit in camera-shy, but I tried to go that, as the conversation goes on, people will forget that camera over there on the side and everything ends up being more natural.

She was with this blouse and black pants as well. 101. Very different than I imagined to someone who makes shoes and accessories so full of color was soon asking how she would define your personal style and she explained to me:

“I’m so very, very basic. That’s why accessories are colored. They are the place where I allow myself to dare. ”

The truth is that Ju fell in style and maybe that’s one of the reasons why I love her so much. Graduated in architecture, she says she was never the most tuned in sets, but I always liked to draw shoes in their spare time.

The drawings ended up turning into real shoes, in a mini collection that ended up in the hands of close friends. It did not take long to realize he had a business Ju in the hands.

Wonder where does inspiration pro design your so particular. She tells me that, as not “born” in fashion, has no custom to follow trends and even has a certain difficulty in assembling collections with a single theme, as do most brands.

I take the hint and tell her that I think that’s what I like most of your work: your originality and the fact she could have an essence so own amid a market where we see so much like that. You can do the test: between in any shoe store and notice the designs and colors. Then enter the site of the Ju. It won’t take long for you to understand the difference.

She then tells me the new collection, whose theme is “handmade”. The Ju works with local artisans and each shoe is individually made by hand and that’s what she wants to highlight. A process that generates an impeccable finish, comfortable to say no more and that will last long. Moreover, the pieces still have the face of the brand: romantic without falling into cliché, colorful, lively and classic.

Then I ask the brides: How did this story to make wedding shoes?

She tells me that she realized that many sought his pieces already engaged for this purpose (remember I told you that the shoes are romantic without falling into cliché? Well). Realizing the demand, she began developing models specifically for brides, always with this gorgeous shoes footprint that can be used on the big day, but that has life beyond Yes.

According to her, one of her biggest concerns with the bridal line is comfort: heels that allow dancing all night, it doesn’t hurt that the leather foot, ankles strips that help provide support, reported by Biotionary.com. And I can talk to (my feet are my witnesses and won’t let me lie): every detail makes a big difference. I spent more than 12 hours with my wedding shoes on my feet (I didn’t take in no time at the party) and I haven’t had a little blister to tell the story.

But that achievement even in bride line are the details. Chosen colors, delicate embroidery, fluid forms and this sole with heart that makes you whisper I thinking in pictures.

We ended the conversation with me even more in love with Ju and his creations. But, even more, I left with the feeling that it is worth investing and disseminate the work of who we know that makes love, taking care of every bit of the process so that the shoe you take home will last a lifetime.

If you were curious, can meet the Ju’s work here on the site or visit her store on Sunflower Street, 170, in Vila Madalena, in SP.