Special Shoes: Is It Possible The Comfort and The Elegance at The Same Time?

Comfortable shoes and elegance seems to be hotly contested in the current fashion. Higher heel you wear, chic you are. And of course, our feet are suffering. You can not run behind the bus, driving, or being 12 hours each day with 12 cm heels.

But today we are going to show that the shoes can be elegant. We have found 10 shoes that is you can look in our day to day without fear of bunions.

We prefer to Karolina Kurkova and your espadrilles (a shoe of our land that must be recovered to the voice of already) that Victoria Beckham, which does not go down the scaffolding of their Louboutin not even pregnant.

Shoes flat and chic at the same time

There are thousand options to go with shoe flat and chic at the same time: dancers, sandals, moccasins, nautical, shoes oxford, etc. Choose girls like Alexa Chung flat shoe even for the night without loosing an apex of glamour. The more casual shoes are nautical and moccasins. Are ideals with skinny pants and shorts.

The ballerinas and sandals they are the most feminine alternatives. They are preferred to carry with all kinds of dresses. For example, these black Zara sandals with bright.

Or applying directly the political football color block This season.

With a few oxford shoes like these from Zara give a nerd touch to your style. I like to carry with flying skirt.

There are brands of shoe whose maximum is to achieve comfortable shoes with you can walk them, and its design is improving with age. Brands such as Clarks, Geox, or Camper they throw all the interesting proposals seasons.

The heel can also be convenient

Ojo, heel nor bites. Don’t why renounce win a few centimeters in height with the help of the footwear. The key is to use wide heels, wedges, platforms and the footwear properly support the ankle. So you won’t have problem to tread with garbo for life, as with these clogs from Zara.

Cribs with color (like these from handle) give a chic touch to summer dresses.

We also suggest these mini-Cot of Zara in Fuchsia. Divine.

And these shoes with toe open with a slight heel of Clarks. They seem more comfortable.

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