Some Tips of Foot Care for Those Using High Heels

The high jump is undoubtedly an indispensable item in any woman’s wardrobe. He can refine the silhouette and offer a few centimeters, in addition of charm, elegance and sensuality. But this baby also has a price and our feet end up footing the Bill.

There are several problems that can arise in women who need to wear high heels every day: back problems, shortening of the calcaneal tendon, leg pain, corns, bunions and other myriad of diseases. For all that, the ideal is to take very good care of our feet so that they do not suffer so much from the requirements of fashion.

Calf Pain

It is very common to feel pain in the calf, especially when it comes to the end of the day and took the shoes at home. In the first step already feel that pain that with time becomes unbearable. Every woman who wears high heels often goes through it, but is there any way ease the problem.

Even sitting at the table of work, you can stretch your calves that spend most of their time shortened because of the heels. At least once per shift, stretch your legs and drop your toes in your direction as much and can and count for 30 seconds and then relax.

Use Different Shoes

Yes you can walk well lit, with a lower heel and that provide greater stability to the feet. Try switching between 10 jumps to 3 cm. In this way the body will not suffer so much with the discomfort of high heels of the days. The thicker heels or sandals withheels anabela are excellent options.


They are a real handy for those who feel constant pain in the feet with the use of high heels. Before they were ugly and inappropriate responses, but now they can be made specifically for each type of foot. Can also be used in Sandals on the cutting-edge technology used in your cooking.

Moisturizing And Massage

It is very common that, despite being such an important part of the body, we end up neglecting our feet. I don’t care of them as we take care of the rest of the body and this needs to change. When we got home, after an entire day wearing high heels, my feet are swollen and sore.

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The solution to this? Massage your foot yourself for about 10 minutes. After that you can put it in a basin of warm water for 20 minutes more. Now it’s time to use a good scrub and finally a moisturizer specific to your feet. At the end, they will be brand-new.


Unfortunately, not only are our feet that suffer from the use of hops. Our muscles are a big chain and one ends up interfering with movement of the other. So it’s common to appear a bad back and hips with the constant use of this type of footwear.

The best alternative to this is to do exercises that reduce the chances of the problem appear as, for example, the Pilates. It strengthens the core muscles, which is in the central region of the body between the lumbar spine and the navel. This prevents against pathologies in the lumbar region and others such as scoliosis.