Some Tips for Walking in High Heels

Here are some tips for walking in high heels and take on a greater elegance in your day-to-day life:

1-Start with low heels, between 5 and 7 cm. Usually a 10cm jump is the maximum for many women, but this varies from case to case. In addition, the larger the size of your feet, the greater the height of the high heel you will be able to use.

2-It is easier to walk with heels of base broader, that is, thicker. Since the needle heels very high are the most difficult to walk and already require a certain balance.

3-It’s easier to swim with high-heeled sandals with straps around the ankle that keep feet from slipping. Therefore, it is more difficult to keep the mules in the feet, especially for those who do not have the habit of wearing high-heeled sandals.

4-Make sure that shoes or sandals fit your feet. Neither too loose nor tight.

5-Look where you are. When walking in high-heeled shoes you should be aware of the type of surface you step on. Attention to rough terrain, rugs, lawns, slippery or wet floors. It’s that heels can sink…

6-When climbing or descending stairs, lean on the rails and be sure to place the sole of the sandal or shoe on the step, even if you have to bend your feet slightly to one side.

7-Never put your body weight on sloping heels back or you risk splitting them

8-Always imagine that you are on your toes because it can help you to be more secure.

9-Do not wear high-heeled shoes or sandals every day. Give your feet a period of rest and recovery. If you insist on using them daily, at least be sure to vary the heights of the heels.

10-Swing your arms while you walk, as this will add extra balance plus a graceful look to your floor.

11-To drive change of sandal and avoid the needle jumps that withdraw him sensibility. Nothing like having a tennis or a pair of sabrinas so in vogue since last summer

12-To dance choose sandals with a strap to fix better to your feet or ankles, otherwise you risk to see it fly in the middle of the track.

13-Wear new shoes first at home to wear the soles, making them less slippery on very slippery floors.