Some Tips about High Heels without Pain

Want to know how to use the Heels without pain?

The high jump is certainly one of the more feminine things that have already been invented. They are capable of making a woman more confident, secure and elegant and charming and very beautiful.

Wear shoes and high-heeled sandals with quite often, however, may not be a good idea. By modifying the passed and your way to tread, it is likely that at the end of the day you feel very tired or even pain, depending on the model you choose.

Using the wrong footwear still causes poor circulation of blood, damaging its legs that may suffer with spider veins and varicose veins.

Some women, however, to not give up a stylish heel, even to work. To avoid damaging your legs or mistreat his feet, broke up five useful tips and easy to apply in your routine.

Comfort Is Everything

It’s no use crying in the shoe store: If that model didn’t fit or have the nozzle too tight, don’t be a martyr. “Force” your standing in a fitting footwear that didn’t work is synonymous with hurt. Opt for comfortable models (some brands, including, are keen to produce lines of shoes which prioritize comfort) and that are not too thin and narrow at the tip. Squeeze and push your fingers can cause bone spur and calluses, so most recommended is that you choose those which have more rounded or rectangular format. To work, try smaller jumps, of 3 to 5 cm high and if you have the chance, wear sneakers or shoes during the route and change of footwear only when you get to your destination. Rethink if there is the need to use heels everyday.

Prepare Your Feet

Before putting on your heels and get out of the House, do a session of stretching in the legs and feet. This will help a lot, believe me. Start by stretching your legs forward and bring the trunk and arms towards the feet, bending, count 20 seconds and repeat three more times. Later, seated, rotate your feet around the axis of the ankle a few times to the right and to the left. Only then put on your shoe.

Avoid When Possible

Ideally leave for use this type of footwear only in some situations, on weekends, at parties, weddings, etc. That’s because when we use high heels the front part of the foot is overworked, which can result in the emergence of tendinitis, shortening of the nerves and joints wear. Therefore, whenever you can, opt for creeping sandals and slippers. The shoes with heels up to 2 cm are also friends.

Take Breaks

Who works a long time standing and moves little can do short breaks to sit and do the stretches. Stand is also not good. Whenever possible, move around to activate the circulation.

Deserved Rest

Reward your feet when you get home. Barefoot, you can get a massage with oils suitable for the feet and also a bath in warm water and a little salt for half an hour. If you want to increase and let your feet fragrant, add aroma essences into the water. Take advantage of this moment to relax, away from the stress and think only of you!