Some Suggestions for Combinations of Desert Boots

As we talked recently of Desert Boots and how your style has relationship with the looks of fall, we created 3 suggestions for combinations using the footwear to inspire those who already have or think about having a pair of this type. The options are very eclectic and cover from the clothes more behaved for work to production for recreation or even a day outdoors with lower temperatures. See below:

1-Desert Boot, Jeans And Parka

Super casual and, consequently, practical! The type of clothing that you can use to work in a company whose environment is quite informal and then go to attend college on a cold day. The parka is a versatile piece that’s getting special attention this winter (soon we should talk more about her) and combines perfectly with the spirit of adventure of the desert boot.

2-Desert Boot With Cardigan, White Shirt And Tie

OK, you need something more neat because it can appear a meeting or you may have to visit a client. In these hours is always a being with a lined shirt and have a tie, but it’s also important not to give a chance to the cold catches you off guard. Adding a Cardigan when you set ensures and creates an elegant look, but stripped down, mainly by the presence of the desert boot which gives a touch more casual yet without compromising the result.

3-Desert Boot With Denim Jacket, Vest And Pants Cargo

Here’s a good example of how to be prepared for everything, cold or heat, as this look is only a suggestion, feel free to use only the shirt with vest, or even just the shirt in a day, hotter. Here the desert boot is in your element, because it is such a functional combination as his own footwear.


Details and finishes from your boot may influence the choice of matching parts better, but pants and denim, jeans and chinos are always good options. At the top, jackets in cotton, tricôs and nylon jackets, denim or Twill also contribute to a cool visual. Accessories like scarves, hats or caps protect and add style to visual young and rustic this footwear, creating great opportunities to assemble looks full of personality.