Some Beautiful Melissa Signed by Karl Lagerfeld

There are many, many months that all Brazilian fashionistas are talking about the collection of shoes which the German designer Karl Lagerfeld made draw to Melissa. The booties that kaiser created were in the secret of the gods for a while. But the secret has come to an end. Finally, reached the media pictures of Melissa capsule collection launched in partnership with Karl Lagerfeld. The collection is available from the end of March.

Melissa presented the four models of the brand designed by karl lagerfeld

Are four new shoes: two shoes and two pumps. The shoes are flats and very delicate. A, the Glam, is golden and has three tacks to apply coated with paet. But festive practices.

melissa_glam and melissa rasterinha from the collection

The other shoe, the Melissima, has a tapered nozzle and two strips involving the heel. Is perhaps the most understated outfit of the entire line. The two flat shoes are worth 129 reais.

melissa_melissima is worth close to 130 reais

The heel is a little more unusual and kitsch. For example, the pumps Incense (which is worth 199 dollars) has a single detail: the jump was designed based on the design of ice cream (cartoon version). This model black, pastel mix colorblocking and a pink fúscia gliterizado. A must.

melissa_incense and another proposal of keiser

The most expensive shoe collection is the Ginga. The design resembles the design of the famous Mary Jane Manolo Blahnik: tapered spout, ankle strap high heels and narrow. But the pumps have three unique details: a jump half a leg, two angled stripes (), a pink and a yellow, and a pendant with the unmistakable profile of Lagerfeld.

melissa_ginga was karl_lagerfeld bet

Those who know the rubber shoes the Melissa knows how are versatile and comfortable. Any of these releases you can use with your various visuals. But you have a favourite for sure. What is?