Some Amazing Tricks to Save Your Clothes and Shoes

There are some pieces of the closet in which develops a special affection and even if they are with some defect no courage to throw away, isn’t it?

If you live this dilemma and you don’t want to get rid of their beloved parts check out then 14 simple tricks to save your clothes and shoes.

Don’t let some small defeitinhos finish your joy of use the pieces that you like best.

Tricks to save your clothes and shoes

1. Hair Straightener iron

Some days it seems that the clothes don’t collaborate and get amassadinhos just in time to get out.

If this happens and you do not want to change the play and not have time to spend it with the iron, the tip is to use the flat iron.

Flick the equipment in the area crushed and carefully. Don’t do this on delicate parts.

2. Giving end the pellets wool parts

The pieces of wool balls can accumulate very easily, and if you are tired of losing your clothes so you can use a simple trick.

Place the piece in question inside a plastic bag in the freezer for 3 or 4 hours, when remove you’ll notice that the piece is like new.

If there is time for this procedure the tip is to use a masking tape wrapped in hand and pass the self-adhesive side on top of the marbles.

3. Boots with bent pipes

For those who want to prevent the pipes of the boots stay bent on saving time can simply make a roll with magazines and put inside them. This causes them to not lose the original format.

Do not use paper for this purpose as it can release ink and stains your boots.

4. Stain of red lipstick

Anyone is free to be wearing a blouse and accidentally bump into lips getting spotted by lipstick. If this happens you can spend a little bit of Hairspray to remove the stain.

5. Removing deodorant stains from clothes

The deodorant is necessary to prevent bad odors, however, your use exaggerated or even on a day with more sweat can cause stains on your clothes.

When that happens the tip is to wash the clothes normally, but being careful not to put too much SOAP. Then mix in 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate with 1 tablespoon water and pass on the stain.

6. Shoe

Before giving up the one shoe you find beautiful, but you’re squeezing your feet use the simple trick that we teach you.

You should wear thick socks on your feet, put your shoes on and go through the dryer on them. This will cause the laceie shoe without you need to walk long hours with him.

7. Lemon to remove sweat stains from clothes

Some days the heat is even inclement and it is normal that sweat stains on clothing.

The tip to prevent this from becoming a problem, forever engraved on your clothes, is to apply a little lemon juice in the region. In the absence of lemon you can still use sodium bicarbonate.

8. Preventing injuries from slips of sandals

A beautiful sandal is a wonderful choice for the summer looks, however, can happen the same strips run out hurting your feet.

If this is happening to know that there’s a simple trick that you can use to avoid problems.

You can cut a piece of soft tissue and paste it inside Strip with double sided tape. This will prevent the contact of the Strip with your heel avoiding injuries.

9. rubber to make suede like new

If you have pieces of suede should already have realized some parts end up getting with imperfections, losers.

To resolve this problem simply that you use an eraser in the areas that are affected.

10. Cleaning the white areas of tennis

Who is a fan of canvas sneakers in white that looks part of the front is pretty hard to get clean.

One way to fix this issue is to make a mixture of sodium bicarbonate with detergent. To ensure a more assertive application you must use a toothbrush.

11. Shaving cream to eliminate base stains

Many women discover that remove make-up is a mission almost impossible. Washing conventionally you will not get success, the tip is to use a simple trick.

Apply in the area of the stain a little shaving cream and then wash the garment normally.

12. Trick to remove red wine stain

One of the most terrible stains to remove is the red wine.

  • On top of the stain you should apply white wine along with some soda crackers.
  • Expect this mixture dry and then wash your clothes normally and see that the stain is gone.

13. Deodorant to avoid injured cops footwear

For some women, the idea of using it for the first time a sandal is almost a horror movie. That’s because if you have the idea that footwear will end up hurting your feet.

You can avoid this problem by passing a bit of stick deodorant in the heel. This prevents the strips hurt your feet.

14. Softening leather jacket

The leather can be very hard and uncomfortable. One way to solve this issue is to walk with your jacket on a rainy day letting the same water a little. After that she will be more pliable.

What did you think of tricks to save your clothes and shoes. Leave your comment.