So Your Styles the Key Pieces of the Season

The new season has begun, and so we there are many new trends, which the catwalks and Instagram can examine. We have picked out the five coolest key pieces of you and wondering how we can style them best. Because the pieces are quite exceptional. Therefore, here comes our small key-piece Guide:

#1 Golden boots

Extravagant gold boots stand out and enhance any outfit so simple. Therefore our first Tip: Wear them to his outfit, that as simple as possible. So either with basic white shirt, jeans and a beige sweater. If it to be chic, then a black skirt and Blazer that looks cool. It is Rocky, if we help a black leather jacket. Absolute No-go? Glitter upper part or a generous neckline. The focus is on the shoes. That should keep in mind! According to a study by the University of Harvard according to women act in addition, the statement shoes wear in the competent job. So with the Golden shoes!

#2 pleated skirts in metallic

Shiny metallic pleated skirts that end with a hand over the knee, will be to see everywhere this fall, because they first super stylish look and secondly including also a warm leggings hide. Still, they seem sexy and airy easy. But how combining them correctly? Here are our Tips: A loose cut oversize sweater in cashmere or thick wool looks cool as a break to the finer rock. Who can wear it, which should be quietly put the sweater in the rock. Otherwise, you can wear it casual on the rock or in addition to emphasize the waist with a belt. Absolute No-go? Choose also a matching metallic upper part. Shimmering part goes with the look. More of the rock to a breach of style is combined, the casual he seems. Boots are the best footwear to with paragraph or Overknees in Suede, where the end of the shaft is covered. Subtly sexy!

#3 nerd glasses

It is still not too long, since we have even smirked about this XXL eyeglasses and rather put it in the drawer “Nerd, which depends on the day before the computer”. Now, the trend is more than acceptable. Instagram has conquered the nerd glasses and you can see the glasses with the big glass and Filigree frame on almost every second account. Our stylingTip to do this? The eye makeup should be simple: only black mascara and emphasized eyebrows are the look. Smokey eyes or a conspicuous eyeliner are a No-go. Here, less is more. For this you may romp with the rest of the outfit. There are no limits.

#4 Pajama

What a comfortable trend for fall! Pyjama jackets or entire overalls in pajamas look not only stylish look, but are also ultra comfortable. Just how the key piece properly be styled to fall without looking as though in the bed? Our Tip: If you want to try the look for the first time, choose at best only a part, so either pants or jacket and combines them to a pair of Skinny jeans or black leather trousers. High heels or high heeled ankle boots make look the look even cooler. A No-go, however, is to wear even a further part of the oversize. The silhouette should be maintained.

#5 Lurex sweaters

Either you like the trend or you hate him: tops from the shimmering Lurex fabric will be a big issue in any case this fall. With a Lurex sweater or top in combination with a black culotte or an A-linigem rock, also a gray Monday in the Office Gets a mini-glamour effect. Therefore our Tip: If you want to wear the look in everyday life, then the rest of the outfit should be plain and of good quality. Some ranges there absolutely party. What is a No-go , are striking make-up, shoes and bags. The upper part is already at the Centre. The look that is sufficient.