So You Bring Order into the Shoe Chaos

Pumps, sneakers and co. Are already stacking in the hall? Here you will find creative ideas on how to arrange your shoes and eliminate the chaos.

Shoes are nice, but the space in the shoe cabinet is fast.Fortunately, there are great possibilities to arrange the shoes and at the same time to provide for a new eyecatcher in the apartment.


1. Change the book shelf

In a bookshelf not only books find wonderful place, but also shoes.It is best to use a shelf, which can be used for variable loading.Then you can leave more space on the shelf at the bottom of the shelf and close the bottoms on top – for shoes that do not have a high shaft.The best:In this shoebox your shoes are well set.

2. DIY: Build a can of cans

This shelf is upcycling.Take old preserves, free them from the label and rinse them properly clean.Make a hole in the can bottom and fix the preserve with a dowel on the wall.In this shelf, especially small and light shoes such as flip-flops, slippers and children’s shoes find a good place to store.Another possibility is to make the holes laterally into the cans and then hang them on a cord.In this way, a hanging sling is formed.

3. Build a shoalgal from old wine lists

With a little artisanal skill, a stylish slate bar is also made from old wine or fruit crates.

Drill the crates with the opening to the outside with dowels to the wall, et voilà, finished is the new storage for sneakers, high heels and Co. The crates can be painted before the hanging also with pleasure.Tip:For flat shoes hang the crates crosswise, for boots high.The mix looks simply enchanting!

4. Shelf from shoe boxes

You can also leave your shoes in the box after the purchase, stack these on top of each other and build a kind of tower, suggested by cancermatters. Are you worried about losing track?No problem:Take a photo of each pair and stick it from the outside to the carton.So you can quickly see what is hidden in the box.

It looks more consistent when you form the cartons uniformly, for example, by covering all of them with plain-colored wrapping paper.Or you can buy finished boxes in the unit look.Also transparent boxes are suitable – with this variant you can even omit the photos, since the shoes are visible from the outside.

5. Shoes on the ladder

An old ladder also has the potential to create an original paddock, in which the favorite shoes are fully featured.Place these on the individual rungs and lean the ladder on the wall.Finished!

6. Boots on the hanger

Boots can be hung and fixed like braces on stirrups.Simply attach the clips at the top of the shaft and everything looks in order.Do not worry, their shape does not lose the good shoes.

7. From the basket

Baskets are the ideal storage method for collectors who do not take it so precisely.Since the shoes can be pressed with this variant however, this order system is particularly recommended for insensitive slippers and flip flops.

8. Laces for pumps and high heels

This possibility to arrange shoes is only suitable for high-heeled shoes as they function as hangers.Here’s how:Bring ledges or narrow shelf boards to the wall and hang the shoes with the heel on it.As if the paragraphs are hooks attached to the rail or the board.This is space saving and looks pretty.