Sneaker Trends by Karl Kani and Ecko

The sneakers by Ecko and Karl Kani are very much in demand, especially in the hip hop scene these brands are an absolute must. Ecko makes often very colorful, so they also fall on his sneakers. There of course for boys as well as girls and children. Especially the really colorful are very much in demand at the boys and girls of all ages.

You get the Ecko sneakers in many different models and of course in several colors with different motives. You could highlight a shoe, this is the Marc Ecko Cut & sew MAPLE SHADE-sneaker. This shoe is a cream of the crop among the sneakers by Ecko. The upper material is provided with wild floral prints black textile, representing pink roses. Very striking the rivets are which on horizontal stripes fabric are spread over the entire shaft. The rivet heads are golden and in different shapes such as squares, circles and diamonds to see.

That was just one example of a sneakers Marc Ecko, who took his first steps in fashion in the 80’s. He started with graffiti on T-Shirts, which were worn by famous artists very quickly. in 1993, he founded the label Ecko unitd. This label is known worldwide.

Karl Kani is also among young people in fashion, but also somewhat older term wear the sneakers by Karl Kani. These shoes have their own form and also colors and motifs. The sneakers are not quite as colourful, clearly visible but with the writing of Karl Kani, in various places, provide. A special shoe is the Karl Kani sneaker Rebound2, whose upper material is light brown leather on the big the word Kani is printed outside slightly darker. Something about hacking and at the top is light brown with a dark brown.
The logo of Karl Kani is also on the flap, the sole and heel. Although this sneaker is not so colorful, it is striking certainly hop scene in its stylistic presentation in the hip.

A cool part of Karl Kani is still the sneaker Equalizer3 in white and red. This shoe is made of synthetic and is notable for the wide red ankle border inside as outside. Of course also the logo of Karl Kani is printed well visible long ago the laces. Karl Kani started with 16 years in fashion. in 1989, he founded the Karl Kani fashion company in Los Angeles.