Shopping Help Needed: Are Sneakers Still Top?

So, now I need a quick shopping aid. Otherwise, only the mainland is in need when it comes to spending money. So that’s what it’s all about: the predecessor of this Love Child Berlin sneakers from the winter.

It looks exactly like the one shown below from the new summer collection, but has no snake leather and is black with dark brown. It is therefore a model that was reopened in the summer.
The winter model in Paris is reduced by 50% in the only French love child shop, still in my size, I have tried it already. Fits like a glove for narrow feet (this is not always easy to find). Do you want me to secure this now? Say fast. Now costs something around the 89 euro or so, as far as I recall.
That’s also the limit I would spend on a sneaker. According to lookatthejeans, I had liked the likes of Sandro, but the price is just beyond good and evil:
350 Euro for a shoe from the Sentier quarter? No, we’re not at Louboutin. I don’t care that LVMH holds shares there. They’re just going to sell that anyway. And from sold out this shoe can also be no speech. In all the shops, it’s still here.
At Mytheresa and also at Net-a-Porter, you even have your own department in the online shop for sneakers. Does that mean they’re still in? Tell me I should buy or not. Fit he does like a glove, but I already have a few quite normal converse.