Shoes for The Guests to a Wedding: The Secret to Success Is at Risk

To attend a wedding shoes they are as important as the dress itself. When you go to buy them you have to take into account two basic factors: you have to have the outfit in question (two piece, dress, pants) and always opt for a design of a minimum of eight centimeters

I am personally in favour of risk and forget the classic halls covered with the same fabric of the dress. Simply they seem boring. Another thing is to opt for a modern design, peep – toe in the same tone. We must dare with a different model, become a really sophisticated piece to dress.

The master Shoemaker Christian Louboutin has marked a before and an after with their bold and at the same time sophisticated shoes. Has taught us that you don’t have “ go to game ” to go pretty and different footwear firms have taken note.

Black shoes


Can not miss one in your closet black shoes prom. It is what is called must have, basic essential wardrobe. They combine with any look and color. Short dress, long dress, pants, & #8230;the platform and high heel they are two key essential style.

If lights short dress I recommend that you choose a design with original heel or rhinestone details. If you can afford one Louboutin as the first image, do not think twice, but there are many firms that offer us elegant and sophisticated bets. Jaime Mascaro delights us with this beautiful ankle-boot.

Black and white It is a combination star. They say that at a wedding, you should never choose these colors, but the reality is that increasingly more black takes on importance in these events or even a mixture of the two. In this case choose some two-tone shoes in these tones.

The lace, one of the trends of this season, also moves to the feet. It is a fabric that you can combine with plain clothes in shades of pastel or color block. This model is from the collection spring-summer 2011 Carolina Herrera.

Gold or silver?


Silver- and gold sandals they are two very repeated tones at weddings. There are smooth models to play with bag passing through those who have some sort of detail at the instep, to designs with Rhinestone.

The silver is much more easy to match to the Golden, more appropriate to the day and tend to like more.

If you’re daring, extravagant choose either of these two proposals. Heels shoes, buckles and studs, the unmistakable red sole, only fit to wear if you’re short or long at the back and short in front dress. It is a model to teach and draw attention.

The sequins they are appropriate for an evening wedding, combined with a dress bronze or brown tones. Personally never it put me but I know that fascinate many.

In addition, all these proposals can take advantage of in your parties or outings with your friends.

Of colors


Color It is the absolute protagonist of the summer and Mascaro presents it in all its possibilities. Orange, yellow, pink or red, perfect to accompany short skirt dresses pencil or bright designs in any pink hue.

Nude Sandals have become a basic this season, perfect for the most classic looks. Being bland color, but no less successful, tries to choose a shoe or sandal with a chic touch. The grace of this model of Carolina Herrera resides on the fringes.