Shoes Collection for Ladies

Reference in the national market, the Vizzano has over 30 years of history and tradition in women’s accessories.

The brand follows the Brazilian women innovating in different materials, with quality and bold design to conquer the female audience of all styles.

Women, who with walking shoes, know the superiority of the brand in the comfort and beauty aspect. Brand shoes have increased durability and excellent cost benefit.

The company is dedicated to capturing the style of the modern women to produce pieces that follow global trends. To get an idea of ​​the success of Vizzano, the brand is already present in over 60 countries and with further expansion plans.

Brazilian women love the tropical style and so the brand invests in clogs, wedges, sandals, and peep toe, pumps, shank half, shoes in Oxford style, mocasins, boots, etc., which are always unique and very sophisticated for market demand.

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Let’s agree that it’s not worth buying amazing shoes and costing guy’s eyes that you’ll never use after seeing the bruises on fingers, foot breasts and heels. So combining style and comfort is the key to a natural and elegant look.

To ensure all night over high heels, Vizzano invested in coating the shoes with foams that do not impact the feet creating greater lightness to the floor.

Women who are not used to high but want to incorporate the look, be sure to use the paw half brand shoes that decrease the slope between the heel and sole of the foot ensuring more stability and comfort in motion.

The brand invests in thin, square heels, but a tip for anyone who wants softness is the thin heels. But look there! If you do not wear heels, avoid the awkward visual image and bet on sneakers that the company offers.

For the fall and winter of this year the brand Vizanno prepared a line of amazing products.

The collection for 2016 invests in casual and urban style for most Brazilian women.

The new brand shoes are full of glamour and global trends in footwear are print and other animal.

The use of metals and mixed textures has been the main focus of the brand for a bolder look and luxury.

Pedrarias, satins, crystals and chains make models of the brand even more innovative and luxurious and will give winter tone this year.

Fringes also appear in the new collection to promote a relaxed air and also to move the foot. The ankle boots are the most used to adapt the folk style with high or low heels. Still on boots style that promises the coldest season of the year are the boots with pipe above the knee.

Tacks, prints clippings and spikes continue to gain a presence in the Vizzano shoes. Among the chosen colors for the collection is the basic black, mustard, navy blue, burgundy, red and even pink.