Shoe Trends for Summer

Shoes are still a dream for many women. No matter whether high or flat, colorful or single color, sporty or elegant, sure for every taste there is something for every trend. Also now again many women of full of anticipation waiting for the latest shoe trends 2014. Especially the joy on the airy shoes stands out. Because even if boots, ankle boots and boots in the most diverse, trendy colors are available, so airy light shoes for some simple combine can be. Due to the variety of different shoe models that are announced in the year 2014, there is something I’m sure for every taste. Hardly the last warm days of last year were over, the next shoe trends were presented again. This one had enough time to pick out his very own Lieblingsschuh for the upcoming season and can in due time new shoes buy online. Never out of fashion, the classics such as pumps come naturally. Also, since these can be very versatile combined. However, the colours and heights of shoes changed steadily.

These are the new trends
The new shoe trends include both high and flat shoes. As regards the colours, so the trend in each case in the direction of pastel tones. Sky blue, pale pink, bright yellow or apricot can be combined easily. Through these beautiful spring colors, each outfit Gets a special lightness. But also a certain metallic look will continue to be the trend. Especially on sandals and sneakers, small bronze silver and gold accents are never wrong. On the contrary, because of the Sun’s rays thereon the shoes get a very special glow. Cut outs-cut pattern, which also give the shoe a beautiful lightness and airiness are as well. But not only punched patterns are absolutely in the trend, but also very special ethnic patterns. This, however, it should be taken that these geometric patterns are combined with solid-coloured clothes, because too much this can quickly lead to an absolute riot pattern. There are different possibilities in terms of height. Continue high heel shoes are, of course, announced, but just as even flat shoes can be worn in the year 2014, because these are just among the fashionable trend. In addition, these flat shoes are better for the feet and high shoes stylish nothing to stand. At, you can buy all trendy shoes online. The choice, which is to be found there, the shoe purchase becomes a breeze.

The new spring and summer trends
The shoe mold that spring and also the summer 2014 will conquer the is pointed. This lace shoes will be positioned and loafers as well as ballerinas. Alone the top form this shoe gives a special look this, therefore it is not necessary that these are equipped additionally with a pattern in this case. A very special, feminine side is highlighted by Sandals, shoes and high-heeled pumps. Who with with high heels but not particularly well right comes, which can turn alternatively to wedge-heeled shoes. The soles of the shoes can be made of different materials. These can consist of rubber or cork or covered with leather and fabric. Sandals & flip-flops but are absolutely said as the flat version. The shoes that you should have in any case, include the new summer boots. Mostly, this ankle high and have a very casual look. The unlined summer boots details such as rivets, zipper, webs, or interconnections are striking. Warm earth tones are particularly striking metallics in these boots, or a black and white look. Loafers, which exude an extra lightness in delicate shades are also cancelled summer trend. The thin leather soles on the feet give this an absolutely comfortable fit. Ideally, these magnificent shoes to condensed and very narrow Chino are combined trousers and worn barefoot.

Sandals, sandals, ballerinas and pumps may stand out above all by striking forms just as graphic designs. Sneakers are still very popular for the sporty look. Also with these continue to be fully in line with the trend to lie, you should attach great importance to a material or color mix. Perforations and cut outs give a special refinement all shoe models. Through out flashing skin, the shoes have also airy and light. The different cut-outs are absolutely in a wide variety of patterns. Ranging from floral patterns to fantasy or graphical cut outs.

Men’s shoes for ladies
What was previously reserved for men, namely Budapest, loafers, Derby and Chelsea boots, is now also in the shoe Cabinet of every woman. Earlier still referred to as typical men shoe, they have now firmly on their feet and in the closets of women. These different shoes can be jazzed up with different soles. Of course these shoes even with flat sole can be worn, but in the variants with a small paragraph or as a high heel they are fashionable as well. Also, they can be worn to the different outfits. Not only to the noble business suit, but just to fashionable, short shorts. A special elegance is awarded through these shoes a glossy finish, bright summer colors, or interweaving them is awarded a unique look. Especially cool are Budapest, loafers & co, if they are held in a beautiful black and white combination.