Sculpture by Galliano for Dior Heels

Frankly, is it necessary?. I am an admirer of Galliano since its inception in Dior (more than anything because before I knew of its existence) and its sophisticated, Baroque and groundbreaking vision surprised in positive collection after collection.

But those heels sculpture … Phew, I think that you veto. Not be if it is because these forms of curl remind me of the hairs of the Disney Princesses or I have left me influenced by yellow which, to my regret, comes as trend in Add-ins and not digest it no good.

The different appeals to me, I am pragmatic in many respects but fortunately my rococo period has passed. And follow the trends is a personal satisfaction.

Therefore, I dare to give my opinion on extravagant shoes I see and does not cause me any Ohhh! or feel any impulse or by prove it to me.