Salto Tratorado: How to Use + 78 Models and Wonderful Looks!

Do you know what a trapezoid is? It’s that super-baffling jump that caused the most controversy when it appeared in the media.

Salto Tratorado How to Use + 78 Models and Wonderful Looks

Although it did cause strangeness at first, and being attacked by a portion of the girls, it was very well adopted by the fashionistas, at least. These types of jumps are called by this name because they have similarities with the undulations of the tractor tires.

In the middle of 2016 these jumps are not much news for those who follow the fashion world – they appeared in 2011 in Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney fashion shows.But they keep pumping like it’s the latest release.

Today we will talk more about him, so you know his features, models and tips on how to compose looks.Sincerely, with this post, you will learn how to DRAG with the tractor jump, come and see!

Types of traction

Out of their eccentricity , they will somehow draw attention when they are at their feet.However, there are models in which this sole is narrower, and the ripples become a little more discreet.But they will still be there, causing that volume in the feet.

In other cases, you’ll find wider soles, perfect for that satin evening look. Look at both types:

As for the material of the straps of the sandals or boots , you will find models very varied.There are leather, suede, plastic, fabric, among others to choose from.The colors, prints and details can be quite different!

Rest assured, because nowadays there are many brands that market this model. You, for sure, will find the ideal item to match your style.

Models and Brands of Shoes with Traction Jumping

As we speak, there are countless brands that rely on this model in their casting.They are varied prices and styles, choose one to call your own!


The sandals with heel trapezoid are ideal for day to day, day trips and times of mild temperatures.Do you know that summer Sunday that you scheduled to meet your friends?That piece could be the perfect bet!

One of the benefits of choosing it for strolling is that the trapezoid leap provides a lot of comfort and safety for anyone to use.It offers all the support you need for a full day of appointments and still keeps you beautiful.

Here are some incredible sandals with this sole:


Who is the one who does not like having an incredible boot to ride irreverent looks every now and then?The bet of the time are the boots with heels tratorados.

There are many models:short, long, ankle, with lace, zipper … you will choose the one that pleases you the most, as well as the color.

These boots models look very beautiful with looks like rocker , gothic, grunge or even to that modern party, where you, of course, are dressed to “cause”.

Check out the models we suggest for you:

Peep toe

Peep toe is the typical model where the fingers are exposed and that is quite sensual, besides offering comfort.They are perfect for working and for the day to day conventional as they are classy and elegant.

The soldered tractor in the case of peep toe does not appear with as much evidence, usually.In this way, you can bet without fear in a more serious environment, as it will not attract so much attention.


Forget the idea that polish shoes are cheesy or out of fashion. None of this. Increasingly they are being brought back to the current fashion and also to a more street wear style .That’s why, until recently, people imagined this model varnished only for use in sophisticated, festive parties.

Try creating contemporary looks, with relaxation, opting for the shoe with trapezoid varnish. There are sandals and closed shoes, like the oxfords, that look cute with any romantic look.

Look at some models:

Silver / Gold / Metallic

Another important detail that causes repudiation among many girls: the metalized .Some people admit that they can not wear gold, silver and bronze in any way, especially on their feet.

Well, this really is a matter of taste, but you need to know, these shades have made the most success on and off the runways.And so much beautiful model has come up, that it costs nothing to give that experienced before speaking evil, does not it?

Take a look below at some tips:


If you’re born in the 80’s or 90’s you certainly know Melissa, do not you?Well, the brand has modernized a lot in the last 20 years and has brought models that are ever more interesting and different from everything we have ever seen.

Melissa is one of the brands that offer models of tractor jumps for purchase.Melissa’s official online store is this one and it is possible to find incredible items, just like in the physical stores.The average price of footwear is $ 150, but e-commerce always makes promotions.

The brand’s shoes feature an innovative design concept in plastic .You will know very well what we are talking about, because whoever wears a Melissa does not understand how a plastic piece can be so comfortable and beautiful.

View Models:

Santa Lolla

Another well-known brand, Santa Lolla, is present throughout Brazil.She offers beautiful shoes, of high standard, for all occasions.The SL tractors are very sophisticated, appearing in formats of casual sneakers, sandals, boots and loafers.

Want to know and buy models of Santa Lolla traction jumps, enter the official website of the brand here !The price, however, is not the most affordable, goes from $ 200 to $ 350.

Check out some very beautiful models of the brand:

Feet Dream

Another brand that has made the greatest success among fashionistas, even on account of their tractor models: the Feet Dream.It contains a range of quality products that are more affordable compared to Melissa and Santa Lolla we mentioned earlier.

Enter the official sales site of Feet Dream to know the available models and buy online.Comrade price is very attractive: you find models from $ 69 to $ 119 quietly.

Have fun with cute models:


Sapatella is also a shop that does not have very high prices and that has models of trapeado jump in its list of products.Just like the other brands, it also has an online store, visit here to know the items and buy.

The value of shoes with a trapezoid heel is, on average, R $ 99.You’ll find black, brown, low-heeled, and taller models.

Take a look:


Perhaps the most famous of these brands that we mention for you, to be present not only in Brazil but throughout the world, Zara presents beautiful models for you to sweep the look.

The brand does not have an online store available, but many malls already have the presence of it.It is worth checking if you have a good budget to spend on shoes, as the price is a bit salty.The models vary (to say the least) between $ 200 and $ 300.

Look at some Zara models:

How to Use Tractor Leap? Looks

It may seem that not, but the trapezoid leap is a very versatile piece.It gives you numerous possibilities of combinations, for both summer and winter.

Wear your traction shoe with shorts, mini skirt, midi skirt, jeans, tailored pants, cropped pants, pants, dresses … It is a universe of looks that you can create, always resulting in a lot of style and joviality.

There is no bad time for open sandals or closed traction shoes. It does not matter if it is an informal walk with friends, with the boyfriend, day or night, whether it is a more chic birthday, or if it is a nightly event where it asks for a lot of elegance.

Combining with the right pieces, you will not make ugly and guarantee lots of compliments. Be aware that it is the ideal footwear for those who want to call the spotlight for themselves, because it will give an up of posture and close the look with a golden key!

So what did you think of the trapezoid leap? He really is a drag and promises to leave any look wonderful and very modern. Take care only if you do not have the custom of walking with platform shoes as they provide a different height. Despite this, they are very comfortable. Worth a bet if it matches your personality