Relationship of the Heel and Arthritis

Relationship of the heel and the arthritis is very real and may even impair your health. Make use of a high-heeled shoe may not be something only uncomfortable for those who don’t know to choose the right shoe and your format, but the habit of always wearing tight shoes and bad can also enlarge your chances of developing arthritis over the years.

Relationship of the heel and arthritis

Relationship of the heel and the arthritis was singled out by a study that showed clearly the evils of a poorly chosen shoe. A high heels not too loud for some women (9 centimeters, for example) can cause changes in gait, much more common in older people who suffer with problem knees according to

Arthritis is more common in women

The study may explain why women typically have more chances of having arthritis than men. California scholars explained that men and women have the Biomechanics of the knee quite similar when they walk barefoot. For this reason the differences of shoes that are used by both of the same sex may be possible factors of incidence of the condition of women.

What causes arthritis?

The form that is most common in the case of arthritis, arthrosis, has caused the wear and tear of cartilage that helps your joints to perform push-ups and withdrawals so wrong, so often. This evil affects more than 8 million of the British.

Difficulty of locomotion

When a person suffers from this evil your joints are stiff, swollen and painful, and the person begins to have more difficulties in walking and climbing stairs. The professional experts in search, from Stanford University, came to study the mode of walking out of 14 women while they were on different types of shoes.

Heels change way of walking

The higher were the women’s shoes of the participants of the survey, plus the movement of walking and the knees. The researchers believe that people who are overweight may have even greater problems with regard to the form of walk and with the evil of arthritis. “The use of jump, especially in combination with the additional weight, can contribute to the increased risk of osteoarthritis in women,” said the article published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research.