Rachel Zoe: High Heels or Child

Rachel Zoe is worried about the safety of your child. The famous stylist, who first became a mother this year, is actually a big fan of high heels. Since she brought the little Skyler but four months ago to the world, no longer the heel height, but the offspring in the foreground, plays for the new Mommy she confesses.

“When I was pregnant, I had a better balance than it is now, that I’m not pregnant. According to opelikafashion, that’s why my golden rule is to take my child not in high heels on the arm”, she reveals in the context of their own show, which is titled ‘Mommywood’.

As a stylist is Zoe is particularly pleased, that she can buy many nice pieces of clothing her son, however, so it asserts, would be difficult to find nice stuff for guys. In the future to avoid this fact himself and other mothers, she is now working on its own fashion line for children. “I want to hold only, that there will be a lot of clothing for guys in my fashion line”, assures them, had so far still no problems with it, to equip their kids stylish; just a few days ago Skyler received his first own pocket namely by Louis Vuitton, after the proud mother had wondered via Twitter: “Skyler is too young, to get his first LV? Pretty big for a new diaper bag. Any opinions?” Later she thanked then for this, to have received a bag from the fashion house.