Punta, Punta and Ready to Party with The Best Shoe!

Heel, heel, tip, salon… ah, no waiting, tip! The This Christmas party calls for a good shoe. A design to match the dresses that will succeed. Trends, fashions or different tastes, the fiesta salons they hold everything you throw them. Even the white color that looks Kate Bosworth with their Christian Louboutin!

Rooms and holiday tips

  • Looking for a model open at the back? Dolce & Gabbana they give the option in Bordeaux and in leather by 375 euros.
  • I love the metallic details, and even more so if they are in Dorado. Shoes earn many integers in this way. Like this Zara Hall for 59.95 euros.
  • Mango want to bring transparency to the halls with this panel of Vinyl. For 69.99 euros.
  • Crocodile effect but not be such, Givenchy It gives one lime and one of sand with its black salons in leather by 595 euros.

It is always a good time to remind the Simpsons. Heel, tip and heel… Sereis Bart or Lisa for Christmas?