Platform Shoes: Who Can Wear It?

And the 90s were the rage among young people. Everyone wanted to have, anyone who could, bought that and they were worn with pride. They were the symbol of a youth movement, they made a great, they made a chic and they gave a good feel to stand above things: platform shoes.

They lost the charm a little because it was only linked to the raver movement.
Platform shoes are much more than that. If you carefully look at the thing, there was a form of the platform shoe in different cultures and times. Plateau means nothing more than a raised surface. And yet, since there are shoes there such shoes. Therefore, trendy platform shoes will be out, because they are deeply rooted in the history of fashion.

In principle, everyone can wear platform shoes, which can run on it. This is only a problem if there is a big difference between the front and the back of the shoe. Otherwise you must be careful to not bend to, because it can hurt a little ankle. Platform shoes can fit anything. The question is only what kind of platform shoes. There are boots, which can be worn super tight skirts, dresses or Röhrenhosen. Also platform sandals and platform clogs, the same applies. Sports or shoes with plateau can also cause other types of trousers as flared trousers are worn.

However, platform shoes are not appropriate for every occasion. Although it’s also here on the shoe and you can make no pronouncement about whether a Plateauschuh has a chic, hip, athletic or have perhaps already a sexually-themed effect, but a few basic rules can be established:
You should abandon the platform shoes, the front part of which is greater than 3 cm, in professional life or in fancy facilities, in the Opera or to a special occasion, like a wedding or a baptism. Such shoes are rather for a party or the gear in the cinema. If you wear that, you should pay attention to the material and that they are not too trendy or extreme.
Is boots from paint, for example, you should consider better twice, whether you wear them at all in public, except maybe, going to a themed party.