Oversized Shoes for Ladies

Oversized shoes for ladies , Wide boots for thick calves, shoes for wide feet or with a high tension.
What is most important is that you know what sizes you need to take at all and not let yourself be guided by what you might assume, what is your size. We already had different “Aha” moments, when it came to BH-sizes.

To find matching and comfortable shoes is generally not easy, but what if one belongs also to the category “Übergroß”?Important in the search for oversized shoes for ladies is the correct measurement of the sizes.You should pay particular attention to this when buying boots, since the width of the calves plays an important role.But you have already encountered this problem yourself.

Measure shaft width correctly:

Place your feet on the ground level and measure with a tape measure once at the strongest point of your calves.You should also measure both calves because they are often not equally developed.The larger value you then take for the boots purchase.

At Stiefelwunder you will find, for example, 29 different widths and many different models. This is a quite large selection and there are also beautiful high-cut with heels. This is often meant by many vendors “too good”, if the shoes are flat, because the chubby women that supposedly so. Also in the program: Ankle boots. Problems with the shaft range do not begin at the calf, but often it becomes tight in the normal sizes already at the ankles.
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Shoe size correct measure :

This is especially when you buy secondhand, a good thing. According to fanciestpants,  shoes are often smaller or larger.This is also usually stated by the sellers.

So you measure correctly: add the length of your foot in cm and 1.5 cm for the distance.Now the value is multiplied by 1.5 and you get the number for the ‘Parisian stitch’, which also corresponds to our sizes here.For example, if you measure 27 cm in length, you will reach the shoe size 43.

A good tip for measuring your shoe size:Take a piece of paper to help, place it on a wall and place your foot on it.Place the foot backwards until it touches the wall with the heel.Now mark with a pencil the longest part of your foot.Make sure to hold the pen vertically so that the mark is exactly at the toe tip!

Measure shoe width correctly:

There are the sizes E – M at the foot, J – M for oversized shoes for ladies. To measure your feet, set your foot level again and measure the widest part of your footing by wrapping the tape all around your foot. Now the foot distance can be read from this table.
The shoe width is particularly important, if you have already been confirmed often a high tension.
You see, in oversized shoes for women counts primarily the organization. Do not despair next time when buying the right shoe, but take the time and the rest to find your perfect pair!