Nikeid Sneakers, the Nike Sneakers

The models of shoes for baby and kid Nike have always been recognised by your cuteness and quality, but now moms have a novelty: NIKEiD sneakers.

nikeid shoes drink quality

The NIKEiD is a functionality of the American brand that allows you to order child shoes personalized and unique. This tool is also available for baby shoes and makes it possible to create unique templates for your kids.

nikeid custom baby shoes

Entering the NIKEiD Web site, we can consult the catalogue and choose one of the templates for baby (Nike Baby Fit iD) available for girl and boy.

nikeid shoes customization

Then, the site gives us the possibility to customize the various details of the shoes: the material of manufacture, the sole color, the color of the seams, and even the color of the logo. In addition, we may even put the name or Monogram in the sole of the shoe, that is, any mom can be a designer and design the shoes for your baby. A super cool idea!

nikeid shoes bebe fashion design

After finishing the customization process, the brand takes about 14 days to return the product. The price is affordable, from $ $45 you can get a custom product for your baby. In addition to the baby shoes, infant models and are also for adults.

nike id shoes custom templates

I found these shoes Nike a cuteness! And you? Already have ideas to personalize your baby’s first shoes?