Muro: the Non – Sneaker

The sneaker has now conquered all areas:we wear it to skirts, as well as dresses quite naturally. And long ago no longer carries only moderator Cherno Jobatey sneakers to suit. Time to emancipate the suit shoe. He comes now, for example, as “Muro”, therefore:a super-simple shoe, like a cast. In Bordeaux, black, grey, olive or blue. In the permanent collection “atom” of Muroexe, it consists of a breathable lycra with a polyurethane sole (dampens the appearance) and has an anatomically shaped and removable insole made of microfibre.

For autumn/winter 2015 there is the “supercell” either of waterproof rubber material or soft Sweatshirtstoff. But the unexcited basic form remains. She’s the figurehead.
A sneaker? No. A functional shoe for everyday life, as creatively wear it today. A shoe for which you have to search for the purchase and then never have to think about it again. Neither in the morning nor in the second purchase.
Where does the Muro come from?
The founders of Muroexe, two friends named Esmeralda and Roberto, both in the middle of 30, who do not want to move into the foreground, interviewed a web programmer, a fashion teacher, an architect, a journalist, an editor, a product designer and Many more according to your shoe needs and tastes. The results were incorporated into the development. Now there seems to be something for everyone: a basic model in different colours and materials.
All materials come from Europe. It is said on the website that all the people involved in the production in the Spanish shoe manufactory in Fuengirola are “happy”. The main office is located in nearby Madrid.
The price – between 95 and 105 euro – is fair for a shoe. Reason enough for us to enter into cooperation with this new label. Kathrin went up and down the Turkish road in her blue electoral model and tested it. The test verdict:
Kathrin:”First AHA experience is the extremely soft insole. I don’t know them from any other shoe. When walking you run like on clouds, which is also favored by the front upwards arched sole. I ordered the shoe in my normal shoe size 39 and the shoe fits. I have to order sports shoes bigger. So that the foot does not look too short, I’m the shoelaces up to the top shoelaces eyelet. Others may be pleased that the shoe visually makes a smaller foot. The extremely smooth look may seem uncharacteristic, but it is again so consistently unadorned and thus unlike previously seen, that one can speak of a statement shoe. I prefer to wear it barefoot to high-quality trousers.”