Most Comfortable Platform Sandals

Fashion trend for shoes summer 2015 is happy who love comfort, thanks to the plateau! Heels Yes, then, but with the front sole high, to have comfort and glamour at the same time. many models to choose from, depending on the occasion of use: discover them all!

The fashion trends for summer 2015 will please the lovers of comfort: the shoes of summer are with the plateau! After the hooves, another must-have of the season, here is sandals and neckline with plateau, more or less high, according to the occasion. Sandals, wedges, Slingbacks and classic neckline will no longer have the front ground (sort of) but will be high and comfortable, perfectly balanced with high heels.

Heels, in fact, never cast aside, especially during the summer: summer 2015 offers footwear with a visible platform, sometimes exaggerated, others more discreet, but always present in the most feminine shoes. After a thorough pedicure that will make your feet soft and beautiful to look at, choose the models of shoe you like, keeping in mind your habits, your work and your way to spend free time. It is important, in fact, match the right type of platform shoes, so details, to the situation in which you find yourself: for work, are perfect the open toe and platform Sandals  based on Constructmaterials, of different fabric and color, but it’s always good not to overdo the bright colors: black, blue, pale pink and beige are the nuances better suited for an Office look.

For the outdoors, the fipple block is certainly preferable this summer: convenient, available in a range of colors, perfect with jeans, long and short skirts, shorts, cargo, long dresses, minidress, in short, are the real jolly season! Even so, the height of the wedge and the plateau depends on your habit to heels: it is not necessary, in fact, they are very high, you can get it with wedge from 8 cm and height 4 plateau that will give you plenty of comfort.

For the evening, summer 2015 wants sparkling Sandals open toe with stiletto heel pumps pumps and applications; If you are wearing a dark dress, brightened the look by choosing a shoe with special decorations or, on the contrary, simple and chic if your dress is very labored and precious. As always, there is a mat that should never miss, the model that sweeps the doubts in terms of combinations and occasions of use: the Black sandals, high, with 8-10 cm stiletto heel and platform of 4-5, without particular applications and simple fabrics, like suede or leather.