Learn to Use Colored Shoes for the Brides

The traditional white shoes have given way to colorful shoes for brides

And the most used word in recent times is: daring! Thus, everything becomes won a new traditional and is always pleasing more and more people. Proof of this is the more traditional feast for a woman, your marriage, who wins a new trend since the dress model to that theme. The colored shoe is increasingly in the spotlight for brides. Are several types and colors, of the most traditional to the most daring, anything goes when the point is to highlight the personality. Let’s gather some colorful shoes tips for brides, as well as meet some models more used between them.

Models of Colored Shoes for brides

The most suitable for the bride is to choose the model and the color of your shoes very according to your personality. The b-log “Wedding Day” site Yahoo, made a survey of the best models of colored shoes for brides in different designs, styles and especially colors. If you seek inspiration for your shoe for the wedding, these are great tips for you.

Brides with colorful shoes

When it comes to brides with colorful shoes, just think of a color that causes a great impact and contrast with the white dress. It’s just not quite. The bride may choose a shoe in nude as a lighter pink, beige, blue, etc. The color chosen should be harmonious with the dress. If you’re marrying more traditional dresses with little cleavage, opt for more closed shoes, higher jumping, more neutral colors.

Now if your dress is that ultra modern with sparkles or details highlighted, a more stylish sandal will fall very well.

Dresses that Combine Colorful Footwear

Always remember: your dress that runs your model.

So do not try to dare with a shoe that is not in perfect harmony with your model and above all, don’t let the idea of using a shoe color and want to choose the model of your dress from there.

In addition to the dress, the shoes should match your makeup with the bouquet and the style of the party that the bride will offer.