Learn How to Set Up a Sophisticated Look Without Heel

You Can Create A Sophisticated Look Without And Without Difficulty: Just Pay Attention To The Environment And Always Seek Comfort.

High heels can be the best friend of many women, but for many others, abuse the flats, sandals and tennis balls out for looks comfortable and functional for the day to day. create sophisticated looks without heel seems a challenge and, believe it or not, has little to do with the type of shoes that you use.

“In general, people have a wrong idea of what is sophistication: it does not help use various brands if you don’t have the pillars of sophistication: the porte when using leap, the appropriateness to your personal style and the place you’ll… Are several factors in addition to the clothes, “says Alexandra Castro style consultant.

According to the professional, high heels are so connected with sophistication because of attitude, which is more elegant. But that doesn’t mean the shoe works for all women. “He leaves the curvature of the lumbar spine more inclined, but it does not necessarily make you sophisticated. Sophistication is very related to appearance. If you do not know, for example, jumping ride and he doesn’t match your clothes, you’re not going to be sophisticated, “he explains.

With that in mind, Joh shared with Marie Claire some tips for you to mount a sophisticated look without jump:

  1. Choose A Clean Shoe
    Instead of choosing a shoe stamped flat and full of precious stones, take the minimalist path.”For those who do not like to jump, the tip is to use a shoe flat as clean as possible.For example: use a sneaker that has preferably finer strokes, a thin beak. The nude is a very elegant color: but watch what’s your skin tone and that shoe is nude for you. For a sneaker, the thin beak is ideal, and when to use a flip flops, it’s important to be with my foot super well taken care of, “says the consultant, who has worked with Marina Moschen and Juliana Paes.
  2. Prete Attention To Environment
    Pro reinforces that the most important thing to mount a sophisticated look is suit the environment you will: be an Office or a Sunday brunch.Therefore, before installing the visual for your day, think about the environment you will be and what clothes, within your personal style best fits for the occasion.
  3. Take The Shoes Out Of The Closet
    Yes, it is possible to assemble sophisticated looks with tennis.Currently, these shoes left behind that impression totally casual and parts today carried over very well for all environments, from work to the ballad.”He brings a message of modernity and youthfulness: he doesn’t look so casual as formerly-he leaves a glow super charged, for example, super cool, and suitable for use in places that normally you wouldn’t like a stroll at the Mall,” says Ibrahim.
  4. Seek Comfort
    Regardless of the type of look you seek, the comfort is always essential to a sophisticated.Feel good in the clothes that you wear a sense of trust and comfort – it is always possible to tell when a person is not feeling well on the clothes you’re wearing.
  5. Attention to detail
    “Be careful with the length of the pants you use: you have to pay attention to the hem of the pants and shoes you choose, is really weird pants dragging on the floor, for example, with a flip flops”, ends the consultant.