Learn How to Save and Organize Shoes

One  Is Too Few, Two’s Company, Three Is Never Enough – And You Can Be Sure: When It Comes To Shoe, This Math Doesn’t Stop There! If You Suffer By Having More Shoes Than Space At Home, Is The House Presents The Solution Of Your Problems: Carol Rose. On The Show This Saturday, 28/1, The Organizer Of Homes Showed That Is Possible To Keep Everything Organized Having Too Much Or Too Little Space At Home.

But before starting the work, Carol calls attention to the conservation of the shoes: “before organizing, you have to take care of conservation. And there we have a few tips: pass a cloth almost dry on the bottom; never keep straight in the closet after use and seek to leave a time in place more airy House, always avoiding the Sun, because the Sun can stain leather shoe, for example “.

If you don’t give time to let the shoe in a airy place, the most important is this: “ideally not save immediately on crab,” Carol.

Little space
To optimize the space you have to keep your shoes, Carol has several tricks. One of them is to not keep the pairs side by side, but put one foot facing front and one facing backwards. In the video, you can see other tips and tricks to save and conserve, especially boots. Check out