Ladies First with Reebok Classic: Retrofitness Stylish

Comfort and style for the day looks Reebok bet for this new course is: the line Reebok Classic of First Ladies, specially designed for us, revisit your shoes more iconic to give a touch of color that encourage the year’s coldest months.

The fitness is not only in gyms and fashion: most sports footwear jump Street aerobics rooms to accompany the most comfortable and stylish city outfits. If you like shoes to complete your looks here is where you choose.

Low cut for comfort or high above the ankle for a greater fixation, in pastel or metallic tones… Reebok brings a wide variety of footwear with very feminine silhouettes It will allow us to feel fashionable also with street shoes.

My favorite are the Classic Leather Sasonal II both pink and blue: the pastel colors perfectly combine with jeans and dresses of spring. With the appropriate accessories allows you to create a look more formal or more relaxed, according to the occasion ask him.