Knee High Sandals

Liu Jo, Armani, Dior, Stella McCartney and others: between heels and wedges, it aims high!

It is time that both were expecting: ready to show the tan and slender figure with a pair ofsandals high? Heels or wedges, chic or street style, here are the collections for the’ Summer 2013.

If the heel says “look at me”

This year more than ever the extra inches that give us make a fine show. Starting with cork wedges with open toe and abstract patterned fabric of Pittarello, which also offers a t-bar sandal with open peep toe and heel for ten column, with upper suede effect.

Plexi vs lacquered

Plexi choice for the model Valerie by Stella McCartney, wide band and ankle strap suede in three shades a more stylish than the other. Not to mention the chrome gold heels of the savannah theme Zanotti sandals. Rounding out the cleavage in pony, from sleek lines inspired by the woman’s body, a leopard print and red gloss suede. But if it is too daring, this is the model with black lacquered heel and suede upper curry and orange: very sensual.

Not for timid

Not for timid, but seducentissimo, a jewel to foot, sandal with pyramidal accessories Gold Metal. And it is certainly not bad sandal model wild with fringes and gold inserts, we declare our total love for glamourissimo black style in the center of the campaign spring / summer 2013 Sexy, sexy, sexy even sandals heeled Etro, blacks with intersections on the front and back zip.

Liu Jo: never without pendant

As always, the Liu Jo footwear have the graceful metal pendant brand: and no exception the Consuelo model, with two-tone paint and matte leather uppers wedge and covered in straw, great for the day. Nor, of course, the one worn by the beautiful Kate Moss for the 2013 campaign.

pure femininity

Ralph Lauren helps us in a more delicate choice like that pairing shoes / bag : calf leather and weaves black & white and you’re done and we thank him – touch of the gold buckle class, as for Armani suede sandals color coral. A whole feminine sandals in dusty pink leather crossed straps Dior – thin heel but four centimeters plateau, which after all is well aware that what they are class and sophistication: just look at the beautiful model of the presentation fall 2013 in black & white.

I mean, let’s face it: As the model to choose, we confusissime. But the good news is that we are spoiled for choice, and that choice.