Key Style to Go Shopping: It’s Time to Show Off Wedges

What would a summer without wedges? They are our best allies, they are sophisticated, climb us a few centimeters without a torture to our feet and above all, are comfortable, very comfortable! Variety is immense and in addition, each season, live classical models always with those who adapt to trends. You choose the one you like…

Nine West

Cribs are made or I esparto, wood, raffia or Cork. For my the perfect are those of raffia or Cork because it is half of the other two. Of wood are very hard but many of you worship them. I have to say in their favor are very sophisticated.

Black wedges


For starters look wedges, a good option is to go for black models. Classic but easy to match and also hides us the skin still Tan. Mango proposes us this color in a design of cowboy effect, and Zara for a classic and simple wedge.


Wedges in light shades / cake


The pastel colors, the major players of the season, are the most repeated proposals. Light beige, pink bat, or sky blue shades they are the most repeated, perfect to wear when we are already somewhat tanned. They are my favorite.

I pointed out that there is practically no wedges in white, something surprised me, with how easy that is to combine.

Cuple Castañer Mustang Sixty Seven

Of colors


The fixed every summer are sophisticated wedges of bright colors, a few models of a single tone, but always cheerful as the Green, Orange, pink or red.

Carmen Steffens

Models in color block or carved in woven multicolored they are betting that not fail in summer. That Yes, the you must combine with one color look.


Of course, in a denim version, Levi’s It shows us one of their models of colorines.

Levi’s Nine West Castañer Exe

Metallic wedges


The metalized proposals are going strong, Gold, silver and even with bright touches. They are ideal for look for 24 hours, but especially are perfect to wear at night, in the summer festivals held in gardens that so uncomfortable is a look of a heel because it plunges on the lawn. Also for barbecues that are stretched into the wee hours.

Nine West

Only suitable for bold wedges


The more adventurous and extravagant models They point to trends. Did you think that the black and white stripes were only in garments? So no, this fashion also has moved to footwear, the style of Lady Gaga.

Nine West Beverly Feldman Beverly Feldman

The Bracelet designs personally they are uncomfortable because you always end up hurting me in the back, and I know that this happens you to many of you, but for others they are more comfortable because fasten it the foot. In one way or another every summer there are designs of this type.

Flowers or stripes?

INDI & cool

The most romantic touch see them in wedges of INDI & cool with mini flowers in pink or yellow background.


If you prefer to wear a navy-style, Castañer opting for the sailor in marino and white striped.

Tropical wedges

Carmen Steffens

The tropical print It is one of the summer fashions of every summer. Flowers, leaves of Palm trees, bright colors and even some animal, are the dominant print of this trend that also wears the feet. Fun and bright Beach more models.

RAS Ravel Beverly Feldman Nine West

What is your style?