Jump with Style in The Rain with Your Water Boots

The waterproof boots they are one of the supplements that must never be missing in our closet. There classical models and other fun, but in this type of boots, many times we like to bet on originality. With these designs you can already jump all you want in the rain and with style.


More models fun they come in bright colors or combination of patterns or shapes: polka dots, hearts… Already not talking about boring and lazy, footwear so enjoy as a child of rainy days. Boots cover of flowers and vases.

Boots Inside: 19,99 EUR


The most Classic they are smooth, single-color and appearing on many occasions, be carved in leather. You can wear them with jeans, leggings or dresses.

Aghata Ruiz de la Prada

Boots Aghata Ruiz de la Prada 52,90 EUR boots Exe in the TV cabinet 71,90 EUR


One of the trends in water butts are the padded models. East in particular of Mustang It is available in several colors and is padded mini version. It must also larger. Its price is of 45,95 EUR.


Giosseppo It proposes a variety of waterproof boots, with drawings carved with great pleasure. The firm specializes in waterproof boots and his are the most original models you can imagine. Ailanto It also creates each season as a loaded style line, as the two models on the right. The prices of all the 35 EUR.


Half cane


They are generally high, but there are also hollow half-round designs. It is the case of the new collection of Hawaiian.


In another post I’ll talk about in the water booties, the latest trend.