Infarction Heels to Walk The Tightrope in The City

I admire women who know how to walk on a extremely high heels. I would be unable, however much that @Patricia give me tips for walking on them. I see it a punishment unnecessary, although for certain moments a heel shoe well generous is the most stylish thing.

Let us weddings, christenings and communions. Or better forget the previous events that tend to be very boring and we think some interesting party in which we want to Excel. That Yes, these shoes need instruction manual, not everyone knows them. If you don’t know it is better to opt for another more comfortable rather than ridicule.

Lowest heels in brands low cost

In Zara we find this basic shoe in red patent leather heel with passion to the air and with a heel of 12 cm. Price: 29,95 EUR.

Despite the fact that this season is not so much the caged models always it is good to have one in the Shoemaker because they give enough style and combine with a large number of garments. At Mango we have this model of 12 cm heel sandal for 69 euros.

If we really want to join a current trend there we have the color block by hand. TopShop have this pair of shoes of color with a smaller size, about 10 cm heel. It combines very well the Orange and the pink of this season in a Suede material.

As in the US recommended Dove the other day, the nude shoes they have their site in via Asos Shoemaker with this stiletto in form of peep toe. The heel comes up something, to the 12.5 cm. Price: 32,05 EUR.

Most exclusive high heels

The Basic heel shoe is the black model with a lacquered effect. We have this model in various firms. One of them is Gianni Marra, for 185 euros, with open-toe and a heel that exceeds the 13.5 cm the only good thing is having a wedge of 3.5 cm. To compensate and stuff.

Same size heel we face this sandals in leather of Diesel. Hazelnut color, with a minimum Roman strips and subject to the height of the ankle, something almost necessary for a model like this. Price: 119 euros.

If we are looking for some design and different from the rest we can go to Stella McCartney It lends a bit of both high heel and lower it a few centimetres, to 11,5 with a wedge of 1.5 cm. In black satin with a finish in tip and heel to the air. Price: 215 euro.

Even to something even more than the rest, Balenciaga the icing has form of geometry and tiny color applications. Heel: 11.5 cm, helped 2 cm from cradle. Price: 327 EUR.

Risk is fine but triumphs over the basics, like these salon shoes of Evado in lilac, with a heel of 11 cm whose price falls to 75 euros.

In a matter of Sandals I also prefer the minimalism before an ornate design. East of Alessandro B It is perfect with black rhinestone detailing. Heel: 11 cm. Price: 128 EUR.