I’m Not a Skater But Shoes with That Roll Cool Me

In my life I’ve uploaded a Skate, and knowing my skills ever I will do it. And that is the safest joke I would end up getting face to fall I morros and give me all the pines on the floor (my experience Bridget Jones I endorse). But although not go with the skate anywhere, I must admit that I love their shoes without laces and rubber side. Givenchy and Celine They have endeavoured to make this shoe into something cool and have succeeded. At least that happened to me to me.

Therefore I have obsessed with this shoe so comfortable and my scourge to remember that the Zara last season It launched a clone of the pony hair by Celine. But luckily could make me the version with low-cost of Isabel Marant by H & M. You have your already yours? If it is not so quiet, there’s all kinds of tastes and prices. What are you going to stay?

  • With ethnic print of Zara TRF, 25.95 euros.
  • Tie dye effect of Isabel Marant by H & M, 39.95 EUR.
  • Alligator in Garnet velvet effect of Kurt Geiger, 85 pounds.
  • With cloud print of Kenzo by Vans, 90 euros.
  • With snake skin effect of Bershka, 25,99 EUR.