I Want These Shoes!

Style icons like Bianca Brandolini D’adda and Helena Bordon have of course already: the 0s collection shoes by Paula Cadematori.

The beautiful Brazilian, who in Italy made a double degree in design and management at the prestigious schools Istituto Marangoni and Bocconi, then worked at Versace and 2010 went into self-employed, is actually for her brightly coloured handbags Known. Eye-catcher who pimp every outfit. But now the choice-Mailchanger has dared something new: shoes. They look just as colourful as their pockets and also have the same wow effect.
Here are some of the most beautiful new models of the launch collection:
As you can see, the two style icons Helena and Bianca have chosen for the Model crazy stripes. Where you can buy it – well, you probably have to live in Milan.
Only the truly magical Lotus shoe I found at matches online for shopping. Click here to go to the shop.
With 870 euros The shoe is of course not a bargain, but perhaps it is still worth the expense. According to shoefrantics, because that’s a shoe for a streetstyle shoot.
For those of you who don’t really know Paula, I’ve put together some information: in just four years, the Brazilian has built up a company with 2.8 million sales, white BOF. Born in Porto Alegre, Paula was early determined to go to Italy. Why? Because there is the luxury business of handbags at home. She worked in the accessories design department at Versace and when she heard of a Vogue talent contest, she wanted to join in. But her boss forbade her. That’s what Paula announced. As well, because she also won the Who’s next award – with a shoe line mind you.
Since then it has been steeply uphill with the long-haired brunette, who makes her colourful bags in the Veneto region. Today, their leather precious in 160 shops worldwide.
The business with the IT-girls has brought Paula to perfection: Her breakthrough was made thanks to Miroslava Duma and Anna Dello Russo, both with their creations on the Fashionweeks Rumliefen. After Duma and Dello Russo are more and more through, the new shoe line is now being communicated with the new IT girls like Bianca and Helena.
Um, Paula, you, I also like to wear the sample – as a fashion pilot. Well, that would be something, right? In short: I find the shoes terrific.
By the way:just have Paula’s bags in the sale for real bargains. We’ve put together a few times.