I Want The Collection Charlotte Olympia of Olivia Palermo!

One of the things that I most envy to Olivia Palermo is part of that monument which has as a boyfriend, your shoe collection Charlotte Olympia. Fine, discrete, high heel … in short, this firm stands out as having divine models. Under a Spider’s Web logo (all were trapped like flies to see their collections), these shoes have become in the last cry among the celebrities.

This brand offers an infinity of models, forms and fabrics to be able to choose and do not coincide with the whole world. Their high prices they make them object of desire for all fashion victim, and the socialite has not could comply with a simple … wears them all the time! But unlike Victoria Beckham or another celebrity, the Palermo repeated footwear and creates great and different outfits on the basis of the same base. One of his most legendary models are boots in print-animal lace-up. It gets them all the time!

The combination of this shoe with his leggings of leather has worn it more than once. The difference? The choice of the jacket and bag. What do you think?

Olivia and no one has no fear of anything, so that his style has become so famous. In the pass New York fashion week did not hesitate to combine their booties with a maxi skirt gradient pink and beige of Tibi.

With this black dress appeared at the party Glamour Spain. The curious? It was a short dress, who later added a tulle in the skirt to make it long. Is that a part of! stylish It is apañada! for this occasion, it was decanted for a few Black booties.

These are the most delicate: Black nappa for more elaborate and a large silk tie at the instep.

For their looks from day to day or their more glamorous nights. This model is all-terrain.

A Black Shoe salon It is a basic that always has to be in our closet. This you can check out more than one trouble thanks to his simplicity and sobriety. But these assumptions sometimes do that the model in question is soso. The firm launches this pair in satin, with great platform and a kind of skirt in the heel.

With a asymmetric dress and feathers, Olivia required a pair of shoes from the most simple and discrete.

For a party of Thomas Sabo the it girl combined this model with a black dress and jacket of color metal. What do you think?

One of the models that I like the most are these Sandals With Golden details that remind me of leaves.

With skirt in Pearl Grey and black jacket, the socialite wore one of her best outfits.